5 Tracks You Need To Hear This Week (31/10/16)

Happy Halloween! I hope you’ve all had a drunken weekend dressed ridiculous and hilarious and making mistakes. So to help cure you’re long running hangover, here are some of your best options for new music this week. Don’t forget to send your tracks over to Shopliftersuni@gmail.com and follow us on Twitter and Facebook.



The Hotspur Press – Other People

Just released through B33 music, the Greater Manchester four pieces latest single is a heavily melodic burst of energy that’s perfect coming together of slicing guitar riffs and vocal hooks laid down on a rock solid bed of explosive drums, break up songs never sounded so fun.



Hunter & The Bear – Who’s Gonna Hear You

As Explosive as Biffy Clyro, with smoother rock & roll vocals, ‘Who’s Gonna Hear You’ is released in anticipation of their debut album next year and Hunter & The Bear are certainly setting a high standard for them selves already. But it’s something they can live up to having supported Clapton and gained nominations at this years Unsigned Guide awards, they’re flying high and this epic new single thats packed with power and passion that’s hard to ignore.



Ocean Calling – Black Sand

Encapsulating from the moment it starts, in terms of both visual and audio, Black Sand is a track that electronically produces emotion that seem real, with a unique vocal style that’s almost hypnotic in it’s pattern. The secret to the unique sound could be Sophie Wilkie’s move from the U.K to Washington State, giving the sound a perfect edge.



Plastic Barricades – Half of your Soul

Taken from their upcoming ‘Mechanics of Life’ album, the new single from North-West Londoners Plastic Barricades starts with all the charm and attention to detail and melody of a Belle and Sebastian track and flows seamlessly with a build of layers into something of their own unique sound, subtle details in the guitars and more obviously in the drums and vocal make this a track that feels like it should already be in any indie singles collection.



D E C O R U M – Near Gone

Post Punk straight from New York, this track sounds like something that narrowly missed the cut for Joy Divisions seminal debut ‘Unknown Pleasures’  from bass to vocals it’s a truly honest take on the genre and with hints of the likes of The Horrors thrown in for good measure. The bands video is their own interpretation on the classic Smashing Pumpkins, heart wrenching, ‘Disarm’, that fits the pulsing, industrial track perfectly.



5 Tracks You Need To Hear This Week (15/02/16)



Alina Bea- Live Undone

Nothing makes for better writing then a breakup and that’s what Californian singer Alina Bea has used to make her debut single ‘Live Undone’ from her EP of the same name. Bea previously fronted the L.A pop band Body Parts but is now striking out on her own. Think Joni Mitchell mixed with St. Vincent. Her delivery of the lyrics is empowering and the music is subtle and simple creating a great platform for Bea’s voice.



Old Monk- Shifting The Earth

Brooklyn based band Old Monk really have an interesting sound that is hard to compare to others. ‘Shifting The Earth’ shows that Old Monk make you think you’re getting one thing and then they slap something else in your face. Centred around a catchy surfer esq guitar riff that will be stuck in your head for days, the band quickly change in to a explosive punk sound to really get the message of the song across and then back to the riff. Intriguing and contagious.



Young Gun Silver Fox – In My Pocket

Hailing from London, Young Gun Silver Fox have a sound more reminiscent of the 1970’s Los Angeles funk scene. ‘In My Pocket’, from new album ‘West End Coast’ is pure funky pop harkening back to the early days of Prince and Nile Rodgers. Their infectious hook and groovy bass line will have you dancing the night away.



Merricks Tusk- 25

Merrick’s Tusk, named after the Elephant man John Merrick, are a Nottingham based four piece emo rock band who take their influences from the likes of Jimmy Eat World and American Football. Expect heavy drums, distorted guitars and lyrics which tell a story most people 25 and under will know all to well, trying to find yourself and being frustrated by the world around you.


MU- Debauchery

MU, a duo from Vancouver, recently released their second EP named ‘II’ and with that have released a music video for their single ‘Debauchery.’ It’s a dreamy, electronic ode to youthful days gone by. Comparisons have been drawn between MU and the likes of Tegan and Sara and Lorde and they are more than warrented. The song is almost hypnotic and leave you in a daze you wont want to wake up from.


Author: Thomas Durkan.

Less Win – Bayonet (Review)

 Copenhagen Post-Punk Trio ‘Less Win’ Unleash Their Eerie Video For ‘Bayonet’

 Less Win unnamed

Danish three-piece Less Win are masters of their craft, creating steel sounds that fire on all cylinders. The post-punk imports are building up to the release of their EP, Further, with a hard-hitting taster in the form of ‘Bayonet’.

Punk rock beats lay down the rails for the unstoppable sound of the furious guitar riffs and a stirring bass ready to flatten anything in their path, it’s a throw back early Joy Division incarnation Warsaw. Fast paced and furious, Bayonet stabs and strums it’s way through delivering a lesson in how post punk sounds and feels. Topped of with howling vocals to complete this dark, nostalgic but scarily exciting sound, this is just a taste of things to come when they drop their debut UK release on June 19th.

They’ve toured with their fellow countrymen Iceage and are now about to hit British shores as they play their debut show in London, renown for their frenetic live shows in the Danish underground scene their U.K debut is not to be missed.

Catch Less Win at:


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