Tracks You Need To Hear This Week (19/09/16)

Hey there! How was your summer? We were away along time, we’re sorry. But lets make it up to you. For starters here are five awesome tracks for you to check out this week! We’re working on catching up on all the emails we missed over the past few months so we’ll get back to you soon. We’re also working on putting together a podcast and a record label so we haven’t just been sat around enjoying that one week of sun we got! So thanks for being patient, if you want to be involved in anything that we do, get your music on the blog, get involved in the pod cast or maybe do some writing for us, just get in touch at and you can keep up on Facebook and Twitter too!


Blaenavon – Let’s Pray

Somewhere between the Maccabees and the beach the latest single from Hampshires Blaenvon, ‘Lets Pray’ is packed with riffs somewhere in the realm of ‘BBC’, delicate vocals that only add to this feel good instant indie classics emotive feel.




Stabels – Be Together

Playing together since their days in school, Keston folk duo ‘Stables’ third single from their debut album ‘Be Together’ is a soul stealing mix of beautiful harmony and melody weaving it’s way though a perfect field of emotion and timbre.





Through the Sparks – Meteors in Gorges


‘Meteors in Gorges’ is the latest synth heavy single from Alabama band ‘Through the Sparks’, catchy and euphoric, with influence from the likes of Pulp, the hulk like drums and slick as grease vocals contribute to the pure cool feel of the track.





JORDAN ALLEN – ‘Dancing In The Dark’

Bolton band Jordan Allen’s latest track is gritty, explosive and definitely not a Bruce Springsteen cover. Striking guitars and subdue verses it’s that type of indie that’s just almost retro, but still takes hold of you while you reminisce about the likes of Pigeon Detectives in their heyday. But theres more to this track than that, it’s blearing noise and addictive riffs make it an indie rock anthem.


Mountain face – I Want You To Smile 

Chester folk trio’s Mountainface infuse a back bone of classic English folk fleshed out with an American blue grass feel. Their debut EP ‘Let’s Play’ sites influence from Punch Brothers, Joanna Newsom and Nick Drake, evident in it’s heavenly sound and captivating melody. ‘I Want You To Smile’ blends beautiful simplicity and perfect harmony through out.



5 Tracks You Need To Hear This Week (18/07/16)




CAESAR – Hazey

Manchester Indie band CAESAR unveil their debut single Hazey this week on cassette and digital download via Black Hand Records. The aptly named track is packed with lazy vibes that wash over a care free vocal as the rhythm section moves freely around the dreamy guitar all before the song breaks it’s self down to build it back up again. Captivating and disorientating, it’s a solid first track from an awesome band.

Berries – Siren

A simple but haunting hook, a far out beat and a cool vocal all add to the hypnotic feel that Siren emits. From all girl band Berries, this new single is an intelligent yet clean rock song that litters it’s self with surprises through out.



The Teen Age – Liquor Store

Taken from their new EP ‘Bad Seed’, The Teen Age hit us with the video for their track liquor store. This Brooklyn band have been a Shoplifters favourite for some time (in all honesty we love anything Paper Cup Music send us), standing at just under two minuets it’s like a Vaccines power track with all the slick punk style of the Ramones.


Xylaroo – Track A Lackin’

Sister/Sister two piece Xylaroo have an unbelievable grasp on harmony that sounds just as good live as it does recorded. Their new track is like a Country & Western soundtrack with a modern take melody, and somewhere in between old and new in terms of lyrics.




Jamie T – Tinfoil Boy

After waiting so long for new music from Jamie T it feels like all our christmas’ have come at once since he came back, with a stellar third album and an electric Glastonbury set, there’s now a new album and tour planned for later this year. New track ‘Tinfoil Boy’ is a shambles of noise and genre thats more explosive than we’ve seen Jamie in a while, anything this man does is exciting and different to the last time around and this is no different.


Blink 182 – ‘California’ Album Review

Back to their roots but not as you know them, Bradley Shea takes a look at how the new look Blink 182 album sounds post DeLonge with the bands first release with Matt Akiba, ‘California’.

Author: Bradley Shea 

In 1999, Blink 182 were on top of the world thanks to several high-charting singles from their critically acclaimed third album Enema of the State. Three friends from San Diego had managed to bring pop punk to the mainstream for the first time since Green Day dropped Dookie in 1994, but with each release the band grew further apart as their conflicting music tastes made making music together a chore.

Fast forward to 2016 and following a disappointing comeback album in the form of 2011’s Neighbourhoods, Blink 182 are back to take over the airwaves. Founding member and co-vocalist Tom DeLonge has since left/been kicked out of the band after repeatedly failing to meet deadlines in favour of chasing aliens in the desert – no, really – and Matt Skiba of Alkaline Trio fame has stepped up to the mic in his place. It’s a creative decision that has done wonders for the band, their energy and enthusiasm fully on display across the 13 tracks that make up California. 


About 40 seconds in to opening track ‘Cynical,’ it’s clear that Blink are fully embracing their roots and delivering what fans have been hoping for in the build up to the albums release. Travis Barker’s frantic beats provide a solid backbone for the band to build upon, and the bouncy riffs that were more prominent in their earlier work are at the forefront once again. First single ‘Bored to Death’ shows the band at their most epic as it blends their untitled 2003 album and with the earlier work, while ‘Sober’ proves to be the stand out track on the record, complete with a series of ‘na na na’s that will bury themselves in to your brain for days.

The addition of Skiba on vocal duty with long term member Mark Hoppus adds another dimension to the band that they had previously been lacking. His delivery is much more effective than DeLonge’s even if it does lack the nasal tone he made his trademark, and his presence will no doubt make Blink sound much more professional when playing these tracks live. Songs such as ‘Home Is Such A Lonely Place’ and ‘Left Alone’ show just how much the band have grown with Skiba in their ranks and by the time the closing notes on 30 second closer ‘Brohemian Rhapsody’ ring out, you’ll find yourself completely forgetting that DeLonge was ever a part of the band.



There are weaker moments, however, in particular the predictable ‘Kings of the Weekend’ which is a fun pop punk tune but lacks substance, and the Alkaline Trio-influenced verse of ‘Los Angeles.’ Skiba’s was always likely to bring aspects of his other band along for the ride with Blink, but while the chorus in this song soars, the trio never quite nail the tone they’re aiming for in the verses. Nevertheless, California is the best that Blink have sounded in years and cements their place in the annuls of the genre.

It’s good to have you back boys!

Recommended Tracks: ‘Sober,’ ‘Cynical,’ ‘Left Alone’

Till Deaf Do Us Party Records present A Compilation in aid of CALM Part II

Lonely The Brave, The Xcerts, Tellison feature along with many more on the second compilation from Till Deaf Do Us Party in support of C.A.L.M (The Campaign Against Living Miserably), with a 20­track compilation featuring a collection of artists passionate about the charity.





Author: Jake McGloin


A report last year found that more than 60% of musicians suffer from mental health issues, and that’s not a spot on the amount of people these illnesses affect each year. As an industry, the music business has, in the past, failed artist and workers in other sectors alike due to the high pressure of the industry we choose to enter. But there is help, and as someone who has suffered with depression for most of my life, with support there is a light at the end of what at times can feel like as suffocating and endless tunnel, despite this everyday it can feel too much for some people. “In 2014, male suicide accounts for 76% of all suicides and is the single biggest cause of death in men under 45 in the UK. ” , that really is a harrowing statement. C.A.L.M’s main aim is to prevent male suicide, offering much needed help to men in the U.K. that reach out.


In support of promoting and funding this vital charity, C.A.L.M, along with London based ‘Till Death Do Us Party Records’, have released a 20 track compilation album, that also acts to help people understand that the there should not be any stigma around mental health and there is a way out. Each band and artist has contributed to this album with a story to tell, bringing with them a view of what many of us deal with each day. I feel my self that every day it’s talked about, the stigma around mental health is cut away at little by little, albums like this embrace our ability to be free from mental prisons and should be celebrated. Hats off to both parties for that.




It’s an album packed with big noise and a lot of energy from acts like The Xcerts, Max Raptor and Classically Handsome Brutes. Tellison and Nelson Can provide more soothing sounds on a compilation that’s track by tack brilliance for an amazing cause. Check it out bellow and download from the ‘Till Death Do Us Party Records’ Bandcamp.


5 Tracks You Need To Hear This Week (30/05/16)




Richard Lomax – Choose Your Own Adventure

A step away from his sometimes acoustic folk stylings, Richard Lomax’s upcoming single Choose Your Own Adventure (June 24th, through Sotones Records) is dirtier, grittier outing with bigger guitars and more haunting beats but keeps hold of Richard’s irresistibly  unique vocal. His bard like style of guiding us through a song has always worked but some how fits perfectly with distorted riffs and almost tired, relaxed style of this latest single taken form upcoming second album “Postcards & Love-letters (From Somewhere You’ve Never Heard Of)”




DBFC – Autonomic

Hypnotic, enticing and simply cool are the only words to describe the latest single from Paris electronic group DBFC. A trance inducing beat, and slick pop melody fitted around a subtle wall of noise that wraps it self around you and won’t let go.


NO JOY – A Thorn in Garland’s Side

They’re Montreal Shoegaze band who’s bendy guitars and strategical use of dynamics in their latest single ‘A Thorn in Garland’s Side’ leaves your head bent, warped and wanting more. No Joy have been going around six years now and are currently playing shows in the Europe to so the rest of the world what they’ve been missing, catch them in the UK June 5th in guilford and 6th at Londons Moth Club, all building up to their Drool Sucker EP through Top Shelf on July 15th.




Gregory Alan Isakov – Liars

Some music stirs the soul in a way nothing else can, Gregory Alan Isakovs latest single does just that through his haunting vocal and gentle, exhausted guitar, in a song that layers it’s discreet, hidden melodies to perfection as it gradually evolves in to an epic show case of emotion through music in this cinematic barrage of beautiful noise.


The Record Summer – Prizefight

The first track in six years for The Record Summer, Prizefight is a laid out stopped back tune packed with relaxed summer vibes. Beautiful guitar and heavenly piano match the smooth vocal to create a stunning noise somewhere between The 1975 and Death Cab.


5 Acts To Check Out At Dot to Dot Manchester

Everyone’s favourite venue to venue festival comes back to Manchester this Friday (May 27th 2016), with a massive array of talent in some of Manchester’s best venues all day long it’s going to difficult to curate your Friday, but we’re hear to help. Here are our five favourite acts that you should be checking out at Dot to Dot Manchester.


Feed The Kid

Kick off your weekend with Manchester’s ‘Feed The Kid’, they’ve been relentless in bring their slick, glammed up sound to the venues of Manchester and beyond this year. If you’re dying for some exciting live music with rushing sounds and buckets of riffs head down to the former Kraak Gallery and check out an early evening riot of noise.

AATMA – 16:30 – 17:00




Shake things up with big sounds from local boys Turf. Expect filthy guitars and disturbing noise in the most heavenly way at Black Milk, from a band that provides riffs, beats and howls in equally excessive measures.


Black Milk – 19:15 – 19:45





The surf pop outfits beautiful blend of dreamy melody and surf guitars make them an act not to miss this weekend. A Manchester three piece that possess well crafted songs and day dream vibes, Blooms addictive sounds is as hypnotic as it is breath taking and well worth the half an hour of your festival schedule.

Texture – 21:15 – 21:45



Diet Cig

The only out of towners on the list, Diet Cig’s New York sound will be right at home in Manchester. The duos indie pop songs, with Hop Along vocals and laid back vibes are encapsulating, and quite frankly not to be missed.

Ruby Lounge – 23:14 – 23:45



False Advertising

Round things off with Shoplifters favourites False Ad, if you haven’t hear their fuzzed up, guitar heavy, crashing down brand of alt rock, where have you been!? There killer live shows bring an influx of deafening noise and electric energy that’ll sober you up before you really get the night started.

Whiskey Jar – 01:15 – 01:45





5 Tracks You Need To Hear This Week (5/10/15)

Here are the 5 tracks that we’ve not been able to stop listening to and that you need to hear this week. Got something you think we need to hear? Get in touch at and keep up to date on Facebook and Twitter.

Modern Baseball – The Thrash Particle

The post emo Philadelphia bands latest track takes a different approach to their last album ‘You’re Gonna Miss It All’. It’s a little more low-key to start with but just as witty as anything these guy have written before, lyrically and musically. Bursting into an explosion of noise like nothing else ‘The Thrash Particle’ is just a perfect taste of what to expect from the future of Modern Baseball.

Delta Palms – Do Ya, Don’t Ya

Manchester based multi-instrumentalist Delta Palms showcases his new track that’s laced in Rock & Roll from the tight beats to distorted vocals, it sounds loud and dripping with Miles Kane vibes. The one-man band manages an enormous Indie rock sound with west coast riffs for good measure.

Världens Band – Krafthalling

The first single from the 14 member, cross continental folk super- troop is an epic adventure in terms of sound and style. It’s all there in a punchy short expert of globe-trotting, with layers that give something new with every listen.

Landmarks – Bones

From the bands EP ‘Fighting Gravity’ released this yeah, Bones is Landmarks latest single. Slow guitars and lead singer Brad Shea’s heart wrenching vocals build into an epic piece of music, particularly the huge drums at the end, that accompany this heart breaking video perfectly.

Pretend – Through The Snow

A mesmerizing moment of beauty is the only way to describe Pretends seven-minuet epic ‘Through The Snow’. Enchanting beats and melody with a soft vocal all exploring tempo and dynamic to glorious effect.

False Advertising – Album Review

It’s a sound rattling with nostalgia that’s been building hype for some time, but False Advertisings debut delivers big riffs and more fuzz than you can shake a tube screamer at.

False Advertising Cover 11921893_1648021458769120_5302104076915270362_n

Manchester fuzz rock trio False Advertising have been one of the most exciting bands to follow in what has felt like a pretty short time, their gigantic songs have been impossible to ignore on the build up to their self titled debut, that seems even bigger. The easy thing to do would be to compare it to a Sonic Youth record, which would be a massive accolade there’s no doubt, but although there’s a feel of that in some parts and the added bonus of boy/girl vocals through out, False Advertising offers something a little different from that, with levels of Bleach, Doolittle and Goo through out, this album is dripping with 80’s alt influence that screams Nu-Grunge.

Opener ‘Breaker’ is pure garage with muffled bass and tinny snare match with Jen and Chris howling like they really mean it, and this albums been such a long time in the making that they undoubtedly do. There’s something kind of odd about this sound, I’ve heard a million bands try to do it but none ever get it right, False Advertising do and in ‘Another Mention’ they epitomise it perfectly. Lead single ‘Wasted Away’ is one of my songs of the year and no doubt a highlight of the album. Latest single Dozer is a powerhouse with a real sonic youth feel. ‘I don’t Know’ and ‘All of the Above’ are two of my personal favourites with the later slowing things if only for a while. After the ‘Cold Shoulders’ Foo’s guitar feel things get a bit dirtier again with no good and only way, while getting a little more off beat on finish line before and epic closer for this powerful debut.

It’s one hell of an album, it’s powerful and thoughtful, carefully planed to the last detail from open to close. It’s definitely got a vibe of huge bands from the past in their but all together it sounds so modern, and I can’t help but think it’s what Royal Blood were trying to do, or maybe should have. Either way False Advertising have pulled of this sound perfectly and made it their own. But this is still early days, and there’s so much more this band can do, after an amazing start I’m excited to see what False Advertising can do in 2016 this stellar album behind them and all the potential in the world.

Bring Me The Horizon – Throne (Single Review)

In anticipation of ‘That’s The Spirit’ Sheffield’s finest Bring Me The Horizon give us a taster in the form of ‘Throne’


Author: Brad Shea

Bring Me The Horizon first emerged onto the scene in 2004 with their debut EP This Is What the Edge of Your Seat Was Made For and since then, the Sheffield 5 piece have made quite a name for themselves. With each album, they’ve matured their sound and following the release of Sempiternal in 2013, the band went on to sell out Wembley Arena and moved up festival bills around the world.

Now, the Steel City boys are back and once again, they’ve reinvented their sound.

‘Throne’, the lead single from upcoming fifth album That’s the Spirit, is massive. Fans of the band will recall ‘Drown’, a song thought to be a stand alone single which has now worked it’s way onto the albums track list, and perhaps notice that, stylistically, the two songs sound very similar. The addition of keyboardist Jordan Fish has allowed the band to experiment with the electronic influences that first came to light, albeit subtly, on second album Suicide Season and much like ‘Drown’, Oli Sykes has opted to sing rather than scream. It’s a brave and bold decision, one which may well lose them a lot of fans, but it’s sure to pay off as ‘Throne’ is one of the best songs the band has released to date. Lyrics such as ‘Throw me to the wolves, tomorrow I will come back, leader of the whole pack’ instantly work their way into your brain and begged to be sung back at the band as they take to some of the world’s biggest stages. Drummer Matt Nicholls is on point as always, providing a frantic beat as the chorus kicks in and the keyboards take centre stage. That’s not to say that guitarist Lee Malia and bassist Matt Kean don’t bring anything to the mix, merely that this time around the band have chosen to highlight their electronic influences rather than their trademark metalcore sound. The unofficial single, ‘Happy Song’, released last week, still proves that the band can provide heavy riffs when needed but for now, ‘Throne’ is a welcome change of pace and one that will see the bands career strengthen even more over the coming months as they prepare for the release of their next album.

That’s the Spirit will be released on September 11th via Columbia Records.

5 Tracks You Need To Hear This Week (20/07/15)

Here are the 5 tracks that we’ve not been able to stop listening to and that you need to hear this week. Got something you think we need to hear? Get in touch at and keep up to date on Facebook and Twitter.

Landmarks – Worse for Wear

The latest single from Manchester Pop Punk rising stars Landmarks is as guitar and beat heavy as ever, riddle with hooks and riffs, a big chorus and sharp lyrics the boys have really come into their own on the Fighting Gravity EP. Worse for Wear is another enormous tune, and it’s easy to hear some of the influence front man Brad Shea told us about. (Read the article here)



Just Millie – Lanterns

At only 20 years old, Just Millie is making a real impression already with her own brand of encapsulating acoustic Indie. Lanterns is a dreamy pop effort that’s steeped in wavy acoustic guitar with her hypnotizing voice guiding a pitch perfect tour through a rainbow of emotions. Hints of Ellie Goulding make it feel a somewhat familiar sound but this is a truly unique experience on the whole. Hear ‘Lanterns’ here.

Gold Jacks – ‘Take It Back’

Stepping into your ears straightening it’s bow tie like a Bond theme song, Gold Jacks latest single is a seductive, swarve piece of Rock ‘n’ Roll with filthy undertones that have essence of QOTSA. Sleek guitar tones that ooze cool, rock solid beats and wintry ice-cold vocals that’ll send chills.

toe – The World According To

Japanese music group Toe have streamed their new track ‘The World According To’. Math rock beats and melodic smooth, Latin guitar sounds create peaceful bubble around this song that encapsulates ears and hearts. It’s all in anticipation of toe’s new album ‘Hear You’ due next month, which promises to be a treat of steady drums and clean guitar sounds that flow fast and beautiful.

Leonard Hammersly – Bleeding Out

The haunting vocal stones of Leonard Hammersly have been circulating the bars of Manchester for some years not and it’s clear he’s spent that time perfecting his craft, The video for new track Bleeding Out see’s the Scottish native sharing his amazing vocal tone accompanied with his own brand guitar style that makes the soul flutter, combined with his amazing range it’s exciting times for the start of a career that’s been a long time in the making.