5 Releases We’re Looking Forward to in 2017

Author: Jake McGloin

Welcome to 2017! So far no major celebrity deaths, political election ripping apart the country, just the continued sense of anguish and terror for the future within us all, right? Well at least we’ll have something to look forward to with a wealth of talent announcing new albums and EPs for this year. Here’s a look at five of this years upcoming release that we can’t wait for.




Scheduled for March 17th, Beauty and Sadness will be the third albums from Manchester’s princes of jangley surf sadness. Following up from 2015’s ‘II’, we’re expecting the same dreamy, wavy pop tunes perhaps with a hint of extra melancholy. Never a band to disappoint, Horsebeach’s next album is set to be as stunning, if their recent live shows are anything to go by.



February 3rd will see the debut of Norwegian fuzz maestros Beachheads. Built on a love of fuzzy guitars and strong melody, two former members of ‘Kvelertak’ formed the basics of Beachheads, now in full form, the bands sound must be everything they dreamed of, packed with hard-hitting drums and awesome riffs their debut promises to be an album full of twists, turns and stunning tunes.


Amber Run

“For A Moment, I Was Lost” will be the sophomore album from Amber Run. The Nottingham band don’t see album number two as a departure from their other work, more an evolution and so far they’re evolving quite nicely with tracks Haze and Stranger evoking feelings of a harder time in life though beautiful melody and spine tingling almost ambient noise at times. The album is set to be released February 10th with their tour starting in Norwich on the 8th.



Los Campesinos

My love for Los Campesinos is no big secret, for me they’ve been one of the most consistently underrated bands in the U.K for the past 10 years, so with album number six, ‘Sick Scenes’, on the way I couldn’t leave them off this list. So far the only taster we’ve had over the past few months is some pretty sweet art work and the first single ‘Broke Up in Amarante’. It’s a great track that seems to encapsulate every single part of the Cardiff based bands career so far but also feels like a departure from anything they’ve done before, with a little less melancholy and a smidgen of added pop punk. Out February the 24th it’s sure to be interesting experience.




With out a doubt one of Hulls best bands and a band we said a couple of years back would be one of their finest show cases as, now, city of culture, LIFE have just recorded debut album from what we hear and it’ll hopefully be dropping at some point this year. Indie-Punk with shouty vocals and fast pace guitars is always a great combo so this album is guaranteed to be one of the years best debuts.


Bring Me The Horizon – Throne (Single Review)

In anticipation of ‘That’s The Spirit’ Sheffield’s finest Bring Me The Horizon give us a taster in the form of ‘Throne’


Author: Brad Shea

Bring Me The Horizon first emerged onto the scene in 2004 with their debut EP This Is What the Edge of Your Seat Was Made For and since then, the Sheffield 5 piece have made quite a name for themselves. With each album, they’ve matured their sound and following the release of Sempiternal in 2013, the band went on to sell out Wembley Arena and moved up festival bills around the world.

Now, the Steel City boys are back and once again, they’ve reinvented their sound.

‘Throne’, the lead single from upcoming fifth album That’s the Spirit, is massive. Fans of the band will recall ‘Drown’, a song thought to be a stand alone single which has now worked it’s way onto the albums track list, and perhaps notice that, stylistically, the two songs sound very similar. The addition of keyboardist Jordan Fish has allowed the band to experiment with the electronic influences that first came to light, albeit subtly, on second album Suicide Season and much like ‘Drown’, Oli Sykes has opted to sing rather than scream. It’s a brave and bold decision, one which may well lose them a lot of fans, but it’s sure to pay off as ‘Throne’ is one of the best songs the band has released to date. Lyrics such as ‘Throw me to the wolves, tomorrow I will come back, leader of the whole pack’ instantly work their way into your brain and begged to be sung back at the band as they take to some of the world’s biggest stages. Drummer Matt Nicholls is on point as always, providing a frantic beat as the chorus kicks in and the keyboards take centre stage. That’s not to say that guitarist Lee Malia and bassist Matt Kean don’t bring anything to the mix, merely that this time around the band have chosen to highlight their electronic influences rather than their trademark metalcore sound. The unofficial single, ‘Happy Song’, released last week, still proves that the band can provide heavy riffs when needed but for now, ‘Throne’ is a welcome change of pace and one that will see the bands career strengthen even more over the coming months as they prepare for the release of their next album.

That’s the Spirit will be released on September 11th via Columbia Records.