5 Tracks You Need To Hear This Week (23/01/17)

First of 2017, we had a quiet 2016 but I’m determined to get this blog back up to standard and bringing you even more exciting music and features than ever before. So if you’re still with us or you’re checking us out again, thanks! Here’s to a great year for new music and here are the tracks you need to hear this week.





Grim Streaker – Guts

Kicking off 2017 with a sucker punch to your ears, Guts is a two minuets, twenty seconds of hard-hitting, pulse racing heaven. Dredged in fuzz and noise with punk roots and noise pop values, imagine a modern Joan Jett with a little more killer instinct, it’s got a hook that you can’t pull out.




Los Campesinos! – 5 Flucloxacillin

Taken from their up coming 6th studio album, Sick Scenes, the latest track to tease us is a lot more Los Campesinos! than the pop-punk vibes of ‘Broke Up In Amarante’, like an album track from No Blues it’s a softer feel, more chord based but still packed with a passion that only LC! can bring.  I find myself wondering how this band always write lyrics that lyrics that seem to sit with you at any time in your life as Gareth sings, ‘Depression is a young mans game’.





The Shimmer Band – Jackknife and the Death Call

The Bristol troops latest single is a hell of a way to start 2017, a masterclass in slick rock & roll it’s driving vocal and hypnotic riffs are something and new band would dream of crafting for an early sing while The Shimmer Band seem to have thrown it together seamlessly. Catch them supporting Cabbage this February.



Healyum – Three Months

Following up from last years ‘Fools Eyes’, the latest single from sibling membered Healyum is equally as heavenly in a way that draws you in like a siren only to break you at with the encapsulating voice of 16 year old singer-songwriter Jeaná Healy. Melodic and electrifying, it’ll be an exciting year for Healyum.



TIGERCUB – Control

It’s kinda like a sinking spiralling drone that runs over your body and controls you before spitting you out again as it hits the chorus, addictive and charismatic, I can’t take it off repeat. The Brighton alt-pop trio’s latest sing is out next month and you can catch them in the U.K and Europe January and February.




5 Releases We’re Looking Forward to in 2017

Author: Jake McGloin

Welcome to 2017! So far no major celebrity deaths, political election ripping apart the country, just the continued sense of anguish and terror for the future within us all, right? Well at least we’ll have something to look forward to with a wealth of talent announcing new albums and EPs for this year. Here’s a look at five of this years upcoming release that we can’t wait for.




Scheduled for March 17th, Beauty and Sadness will be the third albums from Manchester’s princes of jangley surf sadness. Following up from 2015’s ‘II’, we’re expecting the same dreamy, wavy pop tunes perhaps with a hint of extra melancholy. Never a band to disappoint, Horsebeach’s next album is set to be as stunning, if their recent live shows are anything to go by.



February 3rd will see the debut of Norwegian fuzz maestros Beachheads. Built on a love of fuzzy guitars and strong melody, two former members of ‘Kvelertak’ formed the basics of Beachheads, now in full form, the bands sound must be everything they dreamed of, packed with hard-hitting drums and awesome riffs their debut promises to be an album full of twists, turns and stunning tunes.


Amber Run

“For A Moment, I Was Lost” will be the sophomore album from Amber Run. The Nottingham band don’t see album number two as a departure from their other work, more an evolution and so far they’re evolving quite nicely with tracks Haze and Stranger evoking feelings of a harder time in life though beautiful melody and spine tingling almost ambient noise at times. The album is set to be released February 10th with their tour starting in Norwich on the 8th.



Los Campesinos

My love for Los Campesinos is no big secret, for me they’ve been one of the most consistently underrated bands in the U.K for the past 10 years, so with album number six, ‘Sick Scenes’, on the way I couldn’t leave them off this list. So far the only taster we’ve had over the past few months is some pretty sweet art work and the first single ‘Broke Up in Amarante’. It’s a great track that seems to encapsulate every single part of the Cardiff based bands career so far but also feels like a departure from anything they’ve done before, with a little less melancholy and a smidgen of added pop punk. Out February the 24th it’s sure to be interesting experience.




With out a doubt one of Hulls best bands and a band we said a couple of years back would be one of their finest show cases as, now, city of culture, LIFE have just recorded debut album from what we hear and it’ll hopefully be dropping at some point this year. Indie-Punk with shouty vocals and fast pace guitars is always a great combo so this album is guaranteed to be one of the years best debuts.

5 Tracks You Need To Hear This Week (30/05/16)




Richard Lomax – Choose Your Own Adventure

A step away from his sometimes acoustic folk stylings, Richard Lomax’s upcoming single Choose Your Own Adventure (June 24th, through Sotones Records) is dirtier, grittier outing with bigger guitars and more haunting beats but keeps hold of Richard’s irresistibly  unique vocal. His bard like style of guiding us through a song has always worked but some how fits perfectly with distorted riffs and almost tired, relaxed style of this latest single taken form upcoming second album “Postcards & Love-letters (From Somewhere You’ve Never Heard Of)”




DBFC – Autonomic

Hypnotic, enticing and simply cool are the only words to describe the latest single from Paris electronic group DBFC. A trance inducing beat, and slick pop melody fitted around a subtle wall of noise that wraps it self around you and won’t let go.


NO JOY – A Thorn in Garland’s Side

They’re Montreal Shoegaze band who’s bendy guitars and strategical use of dynamics in their latest single ‘A Thorn in Garland’s Side’ leaves your head bent, warped and wanting more. No Joy have been going around six years now and are currently playing shows in the Europe to so the rest of the world what they’ve been missing, catch them in the UK June 5th in guilford and 6th at Londons Moth Club, all building up to their Drool Sucker EP through Top Shelf on July 15th.




Gregory Alan Isakov – Liars

Some music stirs the soul in a way nothing else can, Gregory Alan Isakovs latest single does just that through his haunting vocal and gentle, exhausted guitar, in a song that layers it’s discreet, hidden melodies to perfection as it gradually evolves in to an epic show case of emotion through music in this cinematic barrage of beautiful noise.


The Record Summer – Prizefight

The first track in six years for The Record Summer, Prizefight is a laid out stopped back tune packed with relaxed summer vibes. Beautiful guitar and heavenly piano match the smooth vocal to create a stunning noise somewhere between The 1975 and Death Cab.


5 Acts To Check Out At Dot to Dot Manchester

Everyone’s favourite venue to venue festival comes back to Manchester this Friday (May 27th 2016), with a massive array of talent in some of Manchester’s best venues all day long it’s going to difficult to curate your Friday, but we’re hear to help. Here are our five favourite acts that you should be checking out at Dot to Dot Manchester.


Feed The Kid

Kick off your weekend with Manchester’s ‘Feed The Kid’, they’ve been relentless in bring their slick, glammed up sound to the venues of Manchester and beyond this year. If you’re dying for some exciting live music with rushing sounds and buckets of riffs head down to the former Kraak Gallery and check out an early evening riot of noise.

AATMA – 16:30 – 17:00




Shake things up with big sounds from local boys Turf. Expect filthy guitars and disturbing noise in the most heavenly way at Black Milk, from a band that provides riffs, beats and howls in equally excessive measures.


Black Milk – 19:15 – 19:45





The surf pop outfits beautiful blend of dreamy melody and surf guitars make them an act not to miss this weekend. A Manchester three piece that possess well crafted songs and day dream vibes, Blooms addictive sounds is as hypnotic as it is breath taking and well worth the half an hour of your festival schedule.

Texture – 21:15 – 21:45



Diet Cig

The only out of towners on the list, Diet Cig’s New York sound will be right at home in Manchester. The duos indie pop songs, with Hop Along vocals and laid back vibes are encapsulating, and quite frankly not to be missed.

Ruby Lounge – 23:14 – 23:45



False Advertising

Round things off with Shoplifters favourites False Ad, if you haven’t hear their fuzzed up, guitar heavy, crashing down brand of alt rock, where have you been!? There killer live shows bring an influx of deafening noise and electric energy that’ll sober you up before you really get the night started.

Whiskey Jar – 01:15 – 01:45





5 Tracks You Need To Hear This Week (18/04/16)

We haven’t been writing lately, and we’re sorry. Life aye!? But we’re back with bigger ideas and the same passion and high quality music as ever. So to make it up to you here are five awesome tracks you need to hear this week! And send us your tracks to Shopliftersuni@gmail.com and don’t forget to like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter!




False Advertising- You’re Too Slow

Our favourite home town grunge heroes are back again with their new EP ‘Brainless’. Their latest single ‘You’re Too Slow’ is everything you’ve come to expect from False Advertising, big fuzzy riffs, killer beats and nothing but noise in between. The vocals bring out a the bands melodic side amongst a meddle of stunning guitar. Stellar as ever from F.A.

(Jake McGloin)




Bad Breeding- Remembering


With a barage of noise, Stevenage band ‘Bad Breeding’ bring us their latest song ‘Remembering.’ It’s pounding drums, excessive feedback and the singer shouting about the corruption and manipulation of politicians and institutional bodies, which could not come out at a more relevant time, give us a punk song today’s generation and a middle finger to the powers that be.

(Tom Durkan)


Andy Shauf- The Worst in You


If you like tales of loves struggles sang in a whispy voice over acoustic guitars and light percussion, then Andy Shauf will be right up your alley. Think of a modern day folky Burt Bacharach. It’s easy listening chamber pop that will help you while away a summers day in the garden with a good book.

(Tom Durkan)


James Holt- The Mirror


Mancunian musician James Holt exhibits a brand of classic pop rock with a bluesy undertone in new song ‘The Mirror.’ Holt, who produced the song himself, shows a real knack for composition with an arrangement which perfectly blends electric guitar, keyboard, horns and even an organ to create a sound even the finest producers would be envious of. This is real talent and a guy to look out for in the near future.

(Tom Durkan)



Nick Brewer- Nobody

Following on from his 2015 top 20 single ‘Talk To Me’, Nick Brewer is back with his new song ‘Nobody’. Brewer tells a story of not being taken seriously by other MCs along side thoughts on religion and being patient. He has a flow reminiscent of Wretch 32, who’s ‘Fire in the Booth’ is sampled in the song.

(Tom Durkan)

False Advertising – Album Review

It’s a sound rattling with nostalgia that’s been building hype for some time, but False Advertisings debut delivers big riffs and more fuzz than you can shake a tube screamer at.

False Advertising Cover 11921893_1648021458769120_5302104076915270362_n

Manchester fuzz rock trio False Advertising have been one of the most exciting bands to follow in what has felt like a pretty short time, their gigantic songs have been impossible to ignore on the build up to their self titled debut, that seems even bigger. The easy thing to do would be to compare it to a Sonic Youth record, which would be a massive accolade there’s no doubt, but although there’s a feel of that in some parts and the added bonus of boy/girl vocals through out, False Advertising offers something a little different from that, with levels of Bleach, Doolittle and Goo through out, this album is dripping with 80’s alt influence that screams Nu-Grunge.

Opener ‘Breaker’ is pure garage with muffled bass and tinny snare match with Jen and Chris howling like they really mean it, and this albums been such a long time in the making that they undoubtedly do. There’s something kind of odd about this sound, I’ve heard a million bands try to do it but none ever get it right, False Advertising do and in ‘Another Mention’ they epitomise it perfectly. Lead single ‘Wasted Away’ is one of my songs of the year and no doubt a highlight of the album. Latest single Dozer is a powerhouse with a real sonic youth feel. ‘I don’t Know’ and ‘All of the Above’ are two of my personal favourites with the later slowing things if only for a while. After the ‘Cold Shoulders’ Foo’s guitar feel things get a bit dirtier again with no good and only way, while getting a little more off beat on finish line before and epic closer for this powerful debut.

It’s one hell of an album, it’s powerful and thoughtful, carefully planed to the last detail from open to close. It’s definitely got a vibe of huge bands from the past in their but all together it sounds so modern, and I can’t help but think it’s what Royal Blood were trying to do, or maybe should have. Either way False Advertising have pulled of this sound perfectly and made it their own. But this is still early days, and there’s so much more this band can do, after an amazing start I’m excited to see what False Advertising can do in 2016 this stellar album behind them and all the potential in the world.

5 Tracks You Need To Hear This Week (24/08/15)

Here are the 5 tracks that we’ve not been able to stop listening to and that you need to hear this week. Got something you think we need to hear? Get in touch at Shopliftersuni@gmail.com and keep up to date on Facebook and Twitter.

False Advertising – Dozer

Seminal Manchester fuzz rock trio False Advertising have been building up to the release of their amazing debut album next month and have just sprung out a new video for Dozer, with some cool cameos from members of the current Manchester scene. In true FA style it’s packed with big riffs and heavy cymbals adding up to a real Sonic Youth esc pile of noise.

Southern Holiday – Higher

Full of energy and excitement, Southern Holidays second release is higher. A poptastic session of sound crammed with melody, harmony and hooks that boasts some of the finest female vocals around and smartest musical layers.

Richard Lomax – Hotel X

We’ve written about it before but now Richard Lomax has released Hotel X as a single while we expect his next full-length outing. Beautiful trembling guitars accompany the cleaver song writing and high energy Indie feel.

Sex Witch – Helelyos

Bat For Lashes new project Sexwitch see Natasha Khan cover psych and folk songs from the 1970’s. It’s a dark, muddle taste of the album to come, with all the sense of mystique and cool that’s always surrounded her. Sexwitch is an exciting step to the side for Khan so be sure to catch it at London’s XOYO September 25th.

Horsebeach – It’s Alright

One of the best things to come out of Manchester in the past few years was the self-titled Horsebeach debut, as they prepare to share their second outing, ‘II’, we get a taste with It’s Alright. Ryan Kennedy’s typical dreamy guitars and dreary vocals, which sound more confident then ever, are accompanied by heavenly female vocal line in what is certainly one of the best songs this outfit have put out to date.

Intoducing: \\GT//

Hailing from Birmingham Alabama, \\GT// power a sonic haze of noise that paints a psychedelic picture of the American South.


Three piece Alabama band \\GT// are one of a whole host of great acts looking back and adopting garage a sound laden with late 80’s vibes that’s psychedelic roots go back even further. Heart driven bass forms a sold core of their sound, fuzzed up guitar that could be taken straight from GOO, and rock steady beats that all seem just perfectly placed to give it a raw sound that’s not quite grunge but something with a mind of it’s own that the world needs more of. Devastating vocal hooks consume the brain through out, and draw you in to this psychedelic bliss that echo’s No Age and Crocodiles with hints of Nirvana circa Bleach. ‘Something Wrong With My Mind’, due for it’s U.K release July 31st, is a power house of tune that carves through your ear drums armed with nothing more than killer riffs and brute force, proving that \\GT// Psych-Grunge force to be reckoned with. It’s a sound that takes me back to being in tiny dim-lit rooms, with dripping walls, hearing nothing but a band and seeing nothing but limbs hurdling towards me. It’s intense heart pounding rock and roll that ignites and thrills.