5 Tracks You Need To Hear This Week (18/07/16)




CAESAR – Hazey

Manchester Indie band CAESAR unveil their debut single Hazey this week on cassette and digital download via Black Hand Records. The aptly named track is packed with lazy vibes that wash over a care free vocal as the rhythm section moves freely around the dreamy guitar all before the song breaks it’s self down to build it back up again. Captivating and disorientating, it’s a solid first track from an awesome band.

Berries – Siren

A simple but haunting hook, a far out beat and a cool vocal all add to the hypnotic feel that Siren emits. From all girl band Berries, this new single is an intelligent yet clean rock song that litters it’s self with surprises through out.



The Teen Age – Liquor Store

Taken from their new EP ‘Bad Seed’, The Teen Age hit us with the video for their track liquor store. This Brooklyn band have been a Shoplifters favourite for some time (in all honesty we love anything Paper Cup Music send us), standing at just under two minuets it’s like a Vaccines power track with all the slick punk style of the Ramones.


Xylaroo – Track A Lackin’

Sister/Sister two piece Xylaroo have an unbelievable grasp on harmony that sounds just as good live as it does recorded. Their new track is like a Country & Western soundtrack with a modern take melody, and somewhere in between old and new in terms of lyrics.




Jamie T – Tinfoil Boy

After waiting so long for new music from Jamie T it feels like all our christmas’ have come at once since he came back, with a stellar third album and an electric Glastonbury set, there’s now a new album and tour planned for later this year. New track ‘Tinfoil Boy’ is a shambles of noise and genre thats more explosive than we’ve seen Jamie in a while, anything this man does is exciting and different to the last time around and this is no different.



5 Tracks You Need To Hear This Week (30/05/16)




Richard Lomax – Choose Your Own Adventure

A step away from his sometimes acoustic folk stylings, Richard Lomax’s upcoming single Choose Your Own Adventure (June 24th, through Sotones Records) is dirtier, grittier outing with bigger guitars and more haunting beats but keeps hold of Richard’s irresistibly  unique vocal. His bard like style of guiding us through a song has always worked but some how fits perfectly with distorted riffs and almost tired, relaxed style of this latest single taken form upcoming second album “Postcards & Love-letters (From Somewhere You’ve Never Heard Of)”




DBFC – Autonomic

Hypnotic, enticing and simply cool are the only words to describe the latest single from Paris electronic group DBFC. A trance inducing beat, and slick pop melody fitted around a subtle wall of noise that wraps it self around you and won’t let go.


NO JOY – A Thorn in Garland’s Side

They’re Montreal Shoegaze band who’s bendy guitars and strategical use of dynamics in their latest single ‘A Thorn in Garland’s Side’ leaves your head bent, warped and wanting more. No Joy have been going around six years now and are currently playing shows in the Europe to so the rest of the world what they’ve been missing, catch them in the UK June 5th in guilford and 6th at Londons Moth Club, all building up to their Drool Sucker EP through Top Shelf on July 15th.




Gregory Alan Isakov – Liars

Some music stirs the soul in a way nothing else can, Gregory Alan Isakovs latest single does just that through his haunting vocal and gentle, exhausted guitar, in a song that layers it’s discreet, hidden melodies to perfection as it gradually evolves in to an epic show case of emotion through music in this cinematic barrage of beautiful noise.


The Record Summer – Prizefight

The first track in six years for The Record Summer, Prizefight is a laid out stopped back tune packed with relaxed summer vibes. Beautiful guitar and heavenly piano match the smooth vocal to create a stunning noise somewhere between The 1975 and Death Cab.


5 Acts To Check Out At Dot to Dot Manchester

Everyone’s favourite venue to venue festival comes back to Manchester this Friday (May 27th 2016), with a massive array of talent in some of Manchester’s best venues all day long it’s going to difficult to curate your Friday, but we’re hear to help. Here are our five favourite acts that you should be checking out at Dot to Dot Manchester.


Feed The Kid

Kick off your weekend with Manchester’s ‘Feed The Kid’, they’ve been relentless in bring their slick, glammed up sound to the venues of Manchester and beyond this year. If you’re dying for some exciting live music with rushing sounds and buckets of riffs head down to the former Kraak Gallery and check out an early evening riot of noise.

AATMA – 16:30 – 17:00




Shake things up with big sounds from local boys Turf. Expect filthy guitars and disturbing noise in the most heavenly way at Black Milk, from a band that provides riffs, beats and howls in equally excessive measures.


Black Milk – 19:15 – 19:45





The surf pop outfits beautiful blend of dreamy melody and surf guitars make them an act not to miss this weekend. A Manchester three piece that possess well crafted songs and day dream vibes, Blooms addictive sounds is as hypnotic as it is breath taking and well worth the half an hour of your festival schedule.

Texture – 21:15 – 21:45



Diet Cig

The only out of towners on the list, Diet Cig’s New York sound will be right at home in Manchester. The duos indie pop songs, with Hop Along vocals and laid back vibes are encapsulating, and quite frankly not to be missed.

Ruby Lounge – 23:14 – 23:45



False Advertising

Round things off with Shoplifters favourites False Ad, if you haven’t hear their fuzzed up, guitar heavy, crashing down brand of alt rock, where have you been!? There killer live shows bring an influx of deafening noise and electric energy that’ll sober you up before you really get the night started.

Whiskey Jar – 01:15 – 01:45





5 Albums That Shaped Us – Xylaroo

London based sisters Xylaroo talk us through the albums that shaped their emotional folk pop sound and themselves. Compare with their track ‘Sunshine’ (Below) and hear how the ages have devloped who Xylaroo are.


1.The Execution of All things – ­ Rilo Kiley

Rilo Kiley is a band we both grew up with. They continue to be a staple in both of our musical diets and though everyone of their albums has certainly shaped us, “The Execution of All Things” is, in our minds, the best of a fine bunch. It’s one of their earliest albums and like so many other bands in their infancy they suggest in it a willingness to be peculiar and to experiment, to be raw and to be intimate. One thing that draws us so closely towards Rilo Kiley is their lyrics. They are dark yet hopeful, always thoughtful and tinged with sadness. They taste bitter sweet and yet accompany in such stark contrast simple, joyous, blissful and even cheerful melodies. ‘A Better Son/Daughter’, which both of us agree to be one of the most hopeful and uplifting songs that we know, is pretty much an anthem to us. It is, in our opinion, a must listen to; especially when you’re having one of those particularly bad days for no good reason at all. Actually, Rilo Kiley is one of the reasons I (Holly) started writing music. I wanted to write songs and to tell stories that resembled the weaving narratives and shifting moods and subject matters of this album. It moves so effortlessly amongst the personal, even mundane observations of the daily grind and yet also rises above it towards the profound and the philosophical.

2.The Con – ­ Tegan & Sara

Although we don’t listen to Tegan & Sarah as much now ‘The Con’ was definitely an album that I (Coco) remember listening to as a teenager on repeat and it certainly influenced our early sound. Being sisters and singing such synchronized harmonies Tegan & Sara inspired us to incorporate more harmonies into our own music, as initially I (Coco) was a little hesitant and shy about singing. It did not come as naturally to me as it seemed to do for my sister. Listening to their sound inspired us to make the most of the similarities of our voices. I think what was really cool about Tegan and Sara and what I love about this album is their piercing and I would say androgynous vocals and also their angsty lyrics. It was cool to hear female singers who were so distinct and different to other female artists I was listening to at the time and that I could relate to. Tegan & Sara was one of the first big concerts I went to, actually on their U.K tour of The Con in 2008, and I remember thinking to myself after the show ­ wouldn’t it be amazing to be able to do that.

3.Pastel Blues – Nina Simone

There is no disputing that Nina Simone is one of the greatest musicians of all time. Everything about her ­ her voice, the way she played the keys, her lyricism and the way she interpreted covers was beautiful. Easily, I (Holly) could have picked any of her albums but decided to stick with Pastel Blues, as it includes some of my favorites and probably her most iconic renditions; “Strange fruit”, “Sinnerman” & “Nobody knows you when you’re down and out”. What I love most about this album and all of her music is her soulfulness ­ you can feel the passion pouring out of her. Her songs have a sense of grandeur about them; she commands your attention and guides you through her songs with a firm and almost tidal urgency. Musicians like her don’t exist anymore, at least not in our generation, she exudes an emotional honesty and intensity which seems to have been lost in this time. ‘Strange Fruit’ is by far the most intense, an amazing song in it’s own right. I’ve never been drawn to Billie Holiday’s version as much. Nina’s is so much darker, so much more understated and so soaked in injustice and pain and anger. If you haven’t already listened to it you should…it’ll send shivers down your spine.

4. ­ Elliot Smith – Either/Or

Between the Bars is definitely one of my (Coco) favorite songs ever and to be honest one of my go to songs when I’m drowning my sorrows; which is probably true in terms of my relationship with Elliott Smith’s music in general and for that I am extremely grateful. What I love about this album and Elliot’s music is the understated unapologetic raw production of it. What I really respect about Elliot Smith is his music, at least to me, doesn’t feel like entertainment or a performance but an outpouring and even sometimes a rambling therapy. His music is sincere and humble and seemed like it was for him more than it was for anyone else’s sake.

5.Tracy Chapman – ­ Tracy Chapman

Tracy Chapman is an another artist that we grew up with as her debut album was a routine pick from our parents CD collection. I (Holly) remember listening to the songs on that album over and over again. I loved every one of them and still do today. Tracy Chapman is the kind of musician that is not afraid to be serious and political or to tackle controversial and somber subject matter. She tells human stories with an unromantic realism delving hard into domestic violence in “Behind the wall” or the racial tensions and segregation that still pervades the “Backstreets of America.” In this album she shows how she is not afraid to make her audience feel uncomfortable or to make them think. I reckon her music influenced the subject matter of our songs quite a bit, especially her serious tone. However, despite this seriousness her music is also uplifting and empowering, it is earthy, humble and raw. There is a whole lot of hope and love in songs such as “Talkin bout a revolution” or “Baby can I hold you Tonight.” Her voice is also incredibly distinct and somewhat androgynous. The uniqueness of her voice makes a Tracy Chapman song instantly recognisable. Like her voice, this album is certainly one of a kind, a diamond in the rough.


5 Irish Artists Ready To Break 2015

Author: Jake McGloin

With acts like Hozier and Soak making real ground over the past year and into 2015 already, it’s looking good for Irish acts. It’s a scene that’s blowing up right under our noses but it’s hardly surprising with the immense talent this great island has already produced. But, St.Patricks day’s already gone, you’ve had all your Irish classics from U2 to The Dubliners, so here’s 5 Irish Acts (Republic and Northern) that are going to Break 2015.

Spines 10653483_505419242925900_6133009019481813648_n-1

Leaders of Men (Dublin)

The Post Punk vibes of ‘Leaders of Men’ make them one of the most interesting Alt rock bands in a while. A heart felt and emotional sound backed up by big noise. They’re a stadium ready band for fans of acts like The Walkmen and Interpol.

The Clameens (Derry)

Melodic, soulful and simply clever song writing, that’s what sets The Clameens apart. Catchy riffs that bring to mind BBBC, along with heart felt melodies and tight harmonies make for addictive Indie rock from a band that seem to be growing in stature by the day, with an ever expanding fan base on home turf.

Death In The Sickroom (Dublin)

This Dublin four piece released their debut single ‘Tonight’ last year and have been picking up speed since. Sounding like something straight out of Manchester in the 80’s, a real James vibe added in with Smiths style guitars are a recipe perfect Indie pop.

Ryan Vail (Derry)

This beautifully produced project from Derry based Ryan Vail crafts soft electronic with a shoegaze style highlighted throughout. This beautifully produced sound flows perfectly with hints of melancholy and hope all at the same time. A unique, dark blend of synth created by Vail and Katie Cosgrove, it’s a breath taking effort.

Spines (Dublin)

Dublin’s all girl rock band, Spines, export a sound that’s pure garage through and through. It’d be easy to draw comparisons to Dum Dum Girls or early Yeah Yeah Yeah’s, but there’s something a little more sincere in their sound, packed with punk and carefully planned riffs in every direction.

5 Texas Acts You Need To Hear Right Now

Author: Jake McGloin

SXSW has undoubtedly become THE event to take down in your musical calendar, it’s the largest music event of its kind in the world, with over 2200 artists across 100 stages, conferences and talks from music industry professionals and hell of a lot of people making their way to Austin TX from all over the world, all hoping to spot the next big thing (when all they need to do is read Shoplifters Union). So with the music world gathering in Texas to showcase itself this week, here are five bands ‘The Lone Star State’ has to offer the rest of the world.

SXSW G1_SXSW09_Auditorium_shores_crowd_SkyHigh

Cheap Haircuts:

Folk Punk four piece Cheap Haircuts hail from Plano and mix upbeat tunes and witty lyrics to great effect. Imagine The Front Bottoms packed with keys and good vibes and you’re halfway there. These kids are building an awesome sound that somewhat shadows what Modern Baseball have been up to but making it their own.


The musical-poetry Biographies are putting out is something else, as much heart in the words as the music, every layer of sound has its own story that weave through out one another. The six man musical coalition creates beautifully encapsulating sounds that can’t help but raising Goosebumps.

Shakey Graves:

Alejandro Rose-Garcia unleashes jaw dropping rocking blues fueled by a breath taking guitar technique. It’s dark and stormy with essence of folk that is difficult not to be lead away by. With two albums under his belt Shakey Graves is flying pretty high with a huge fan base, and no wonder his music is bursting at the seams with a heart felt, powerful sound.

Two Knights:

Denton rockers, Two Knights, enlist twanging guitars and big beats to create a distinctive sounds that holds roots in too many genres to list. The two piece emo band delight and destroy with their brutal lyrics floating on hard hitting riffs and even harder drums. DIY ethics and emotive tunes that have a feel of ‘TWIABP’ but still sounds gloriously like Two Knights.

Feral Future

Feminist Punks, Feral Future, hailing from Austin are a shining light in a time with such questionable female role models tackling hard hitting issues along to an even harder hitting sound track of noise. These songs hold an over bearing resemblance to the past, making them even more relevant. Cagey punk ethic with a modern twist makes for a brutally good listen.

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5 Tracks You Need To Hear This Week (16/03/15)

Here are the five tracks that have been flooding the shoplifters speakers this week! Got something we NEED to hear? Get in touch at Shopliftersuni@gmail.com or keep up to date with us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


Red Light Runner – Just Might Find

The Kent based pop punk four piece just released their double A-side via Engineer Records. The release features ‘Lucky Thirteen’ along with ‘Just Might Find’, a track that’s powered forward with stunning guitars that span through a number of beautiful riffs and pounding beats. A stunning effort littered with melody.


Findlay – Wolfback

Due out in April Findlay’s latest effort is a little different from what we’ve heard from her before, it’s more beat heavy with a more electric feel. To put it short it’s blown us away. The Manchester native has been producing stunning, exciting music for a while now and this is no different, an exciting and catchy piece of work that’ll make you a Findlay addict, if you’re not already.


Justin L. Raisen, Jerry James, And Kitten – Big Dope Baby

This filthy pile of noise comes from producer Justin Raisen and he enlists the hep of Kitten and Jerry James. It screeches and whales like Karen O in her prime, like the sound of you exploding from all the shit you’ve put up with this week.

Check out Big Dope Baby Here!


Field Route – Bambi

You may know Matt Booth as the man who hits the drums on stage for Horsebeach, his side project, Field Route, takes him down a different path. This bedroom project is influenced by Davida Loca (Part Time), Jaakko Eino Kalevi and Ice Choir as well as his girlfriend’s artwork. Expect chill-wave vibes and an EP later this year.


Little Illusion Machine – The Shining

Starting off by taking notes from the Kubrick classic movie, The Shining is a well thought out track filled with intricate little surprises. It carries with it throughout, the feel of an Arctics track circa Humbug, like Indie rock and roll creeping out from a dark place. Spine tingling riffs and compelling narrative, this is a unique band with familiar features well worth keeping an eye out for.

5 Alternative Festivals You Need To Check Out This Summer

Author: Jake McGloin

It’s getting to the that time of year again, soon enough Glastonbury will give us a “surprise” shock headliner, tents and camping gear will flood the supermarkets and Reading & Leeds are recycling the big names from recent festivals, again. It’s almost time for festival season already and what’s not to love; your favourite bands, sitting round the campfire with your friends, that one dickhead who brought a guitar that only knows the opening to Wonderwall and drinking all night, these are the things that make our summers great packed into one muddy, sleepless weekend. But more and more what should be a celebration of music and good times is being invaded by lad culture (no I don’t want to buy a canister of laughing gas for £20), big sponsors (why on earth would I be thinking about buying a car at a festival) and quite frankly, dickheads (no you didn’t think this was your tent now drop my wallet). Despite all these factors the festival scene all over the world has boomed over recent years, which has paved the way for smaller and alternative festivals to blossom. So if you’re fed up of swimming through mud to get a £10 burger or just want to try something new, here are five alternative festivals you should check out this year:

festival _68167890_musicfest

Liverpool Sound City (22nd-24th May):

In the heart of one of the countries best musical cities is a festival and conference that’s becoming a staple for music lovers. Gracing the stage are the likes of legendary psyc-rockers Flaming Lips, Manchester rising stars Blossoms and killer girl duo Honeyblood. Amongst speakers is The Falls Mark E Smith along with great networking opportunities. If you’re looking for an urban location festival with big names including The Vaccines, then this could be your best bet.

Catch The Flaming Lips headline the saturday:

Dot to Dot (22nd – 24th May):

Dotted across three cities,  Manchester, Nottingham and Bristol, and headlined by the brilliant Saint Raymond, Dot to Dot see an array of fantastic artists showcased across some of these cities best venues. Expect Prides, Best Coast, Swim Deep with a load more superb acts that aren’t even all announced yet. Now celebrating its 10th year prepare for a massive party across which ever city you end up in.

Don’t miss Honeyblood at Dot to Dot:

MIDI Festival (7th-9th May):

Fancy an over seas festival? This year held in the south of France, MIDI festival set across multiple venues, including a beach and an arts centre, see’s a great hose of artists including Horsebeach, Culture Ghost and The Garden. A musical holiday to the city of Toulon on the Mediterranean coast, I promise there will be less mud than Glastonbury.

 Jib Kidder is one not to be missed at MIDI festival:


Festival No.6 (3rd-6th September) :

In September the multi-award winning small festival celebrates it’s fourth year. Set in the picturesque Welsh fantasy village of Portmeirion its entertainment spans thought music, arts and culture and everything in between. This years see’s Grace Jones and Belle & Sebastian headline the event, but also exciting sets from Mercury winners Young Fathers and one of music’s brightest prospects in the form of Kate Tempest. September may well be the end of the festival season but No. 6 will fell like the heart of it. It’ll be well worth taking those extra holidays to make it to “A Festival Unlike Any Other”.

 Ghost Poet is one of the most exciting acts at this years festival, not to be missed:

End Of The Road (4th-6th September):

Traditionally the last festival of the season, End Of The Road sees its 10th birthday celebrations kick off this September. Known for regularly hosting a stellar line up, this year is no different, with what promises to be stunning performances from headliners War On Drugs and Sufjan Stevens, but also lower down the bill Washington garage trio Ex Hex and Shoplifters favourites Alvvays will be making waves.

Don’t Miss Du Blonde to wrap up your summer:

5 Reunions To Look Forward To In 2015

Author: Thomas Durkan

Over the past few years we’ve all been treated to numerous combacks/reunions in the music world. From Led Zeppelin to S Club 7 and pretty much everything in between, it’s been a tour de force of nostalgia that everyone can enjoy. Some would argue that the motivational pull of money was probably the deciding factor in most of the bands getting back together, specifically looking at you Ian Brown. And not quite all of them were spectacular. But whilst there are still fans queuing up for tickets, old bands will continue to reunite. Here are 5 we could be treated to in 2015.



Is the world ready for more Courtney Love and Co? That’s yet to be seen. But as recently as September of last year Miss Love has given interviews stating that we could be seeing her take the stage again in 2015. But unlike the 2010 incarnation of Hole, this time she could be bringing back the line-up that created the hugely successful ‘Celebrity Skin’ album. Whilst usually controversial, Hole were hugely successful in the 1990’s and a reunion would definitely be worth the price of admission.

Listen to Celebrity Skin

Fleetwood Mac

Fleetwood Mac have been touring together regularly over the last few years. However, their tour confirmed for this year has one defining feature, the return of Christine McVie. This will be the first time the band has toured using the line up from albums such as ‘Rumours’ and ‘Tusk’ since McVie retired from touring in 1998. Their UK tour sold out in minutes and the headlining show at the Isle of White festival promises to be excellent.

Listen to Dreams


Following on from releases by bands like The Stone Roses and Happy Mondays, British music was on a high. This opened the door for acts like Ride to take centre stage. They are remembered fondly for their first album ‘Nowhere’ and lead single ‘Vapour Trail’, both of which are featured on certain best of the 1990’s lists. Expect effects pedals, melancholy and explosive drums. Catch them on their European tour or their headlining slot at Field Day festival this summer.

Listen to Leave Them All Behind

The Faces

There has been talk for years about an imminent Faces reunion. Constantly teasing, Rod Stewart has stated on numerous occasions that he would indulge the idea. The plans were apparently set in place for the original line up to get together in 2015, after Ronnie Wood had finished up with the Rolling Stones, to celebrate the 40th anniversary of their break up. However all plans were put on hold after the death of keyboardist Ian McLagan in December 2014. Could we still be in for a reunion? It’s all yet to be seen, but hopefully they’ll leave Mick Hucknall at home if they do.

Listen to Ooh La La

The Kinks

Now this is a big one. The legendary Kinks will get together in 2015 for the first time in 19 years to tour and record a new album. Whilst it is yet to be seen whether or not Dave Davies will be apart of the group, considering the fact that his relationship with brother Ray makes the Gallaghers look like best friends, Ray has confirmed that the tour will go ahead regardless. The tour is yet to be announced but is expected at some point. So stay tuned.

Listen to You Really Got Me

5 Rock Acts Killing It Right Now

Author: Jake McGloin

It’s an exciting time for Rock music, after taking up a huge chunk of music sales last year (29% of total consumption stateside anyway) it became more listened to then Pop in 2014 according to figures from Music Business Worldwide. Becks recent Grammy win, only made controversial by Kanye’s antics, as well as Britt Award nods for Jack White and Royal Blood, who’s fan base seem to grow by the day, seems to imply Rock Music could be back on top. Here’s 5 Rock Acts You Need To Hear:

Demob Happy safe_image.php

Demob Happy (Brighton – England)

Combining destructive guitars and pounding rhythms that seem to channel the soul of Nirvana circa Bleach, It’s pure thrash at it’s finest. Seeping with angst and anticipation for the future, Demob are renowned for their energetic live shows so catch them as they head out on the road through March and April.

Check Out “Suffer You”:


Tricot (Koyoto – Japan)

Japanese girl band Tricot create complex, but familiar rock music. The three-piece take their influence from other seminal Japanese rockers Number Girl and Acidman. With their second outing on the way, and a successful set supporting rock gods Pixies at last years Eden Sessions, Tricot are proving rock is still alive and well in Japan.

Jesper Munk (Munich – Germany)

This former street musician is preparing to release his second album to the world after a successful debut that, at it’s core, was steeped in blues riffs and pure rock & roll. Don’t expect anything different from his next outing, “CLAIM”.

Pile (Boston – USA)

Boston’s Pile pound out awesome rock tunes by the bucket load. Their upcoming album, “You’re Better Than This”, released March 3rd, already has a lot of people excited, and rightly so. It looks to be filled with tension and riffs so sophisticatedly slick they should teach classes on it. These unsung post-hardcore heroes are on the road tearing up the States right up until May.


Findlay (Manchester – England) 

Natalie Findlay has been Manchester’s golden girl for years now, even after a move to London, but we always remember our own so much so that Mancunian juggernauts The Courteeners took her on tour with them. Findlay blasts out chug heavy, hard-hitting rock & roll with ice cold vocals that make Karen O look squeaky clean.

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