Tracks You Need To Hear This Week (19/09/16)

Hey there! How was your summer? We were away along time, we’re sorry. But lets make it up to you. For starters here are five awesome tracks for you to check out this week! We’re working on catching up on all the emails we missed over the past few months so we’ll get back to you soon. We’re also working on putting together a podcast and a record label so we haven’t just been sat around enjoying that one week of sun we got! So thanks for being patient, if you want to be involved in anything that we do, get your music on the blog, get involved in the pod cast or maybe do some writing for us, just get in touch at and you can keep up on Facebook and Twitter too!


Blaenavon – Let’s Pray

Somewhere between the Maccabees and the beach the latest single from Hampshires Blaenvon, ‘Lets Pray’ is packed with riffs somewhere in the realm of ‘BBC’, delicate vocals that only add to this feel good instant indie classics emotive feel.




Stabels – Be Together

Playing together since their days in school, Keston folk duo ‘Stables’ third single from their debut album ‘Be Together’ is a soul stealing mix of beautiful harmony and melody weaving it’s way though a perfect field of emotion and timbre.





Through the Sparks – Meteors in Gorges


‘Meteors in Gorges’ is the latest synth heavy single from Alabama band ‘Through the Sparks’, catchy and euphoric, with influence from the likes of Pulp, the hulk like drums and slick as grease vocals contribute to the pure cool feel of the track.





JORDAN ALLEN – ‘Dancing In The Dark’

Bolton band Jordan Allen’s latest track is gritty, explosive and definitely not a Bruce Springsteen cover. Striking guitars and subdue verses it’s that type of indie that’s just almost retro, but still takes hold of you while you reminisce about the likes of Pigeon Detectives in their heyday. But theres more to this track than that, it’s blearing noise and addictive riffs make it an indie rock anthem.


Mountain face – I Want You To Smile 

Chester folk trio’s Mountainface infuse a back bone of classic English folk fleshed out with an American blue grass feel. Their debut EP ‘Let’s Play’ sites influence from Punch Brothers, Joanna Newsom and Nick Drake, evident in it’s heavenly sound and captivating melody. ‘I Want You To Smile’ blends beautiful simplicity and perfect harmony through out.



5 Tracks You Need To Hear This Week (18/07/16)




CAESAR – Hazey

Manchester Indie band CAESAR unveil their debut single Hazey this week on cassette and digital download via Black Hand Records. The aptly named track is packed with lazy vibes that wash over a care free vocal as the rhythm section moves freely around the dreamy guitar all before the song breaks it’s self down to build it back up again. Captivating and disorientating, it’s a solid first track from an awesome band.

Berries – Siren

A simple but haunting hook, a far out beat and a cool vocal all add to the hypnotic feel that Siren emits. From all girl band Berries, this new single is an intelligent yet clean rock song that litters it’s self with surprises through out.



The Teen Age – Liquor Store

Taken from their new EP ‘Bad Seed’, The Teen Age hit us with the video for their track liquor store. This Brooklyn band have been a Shoplifters favourite for some time (in all honesty we love anything Paper Cup Music send us), standing at just under two minuets it’s like a Vaccines power track with all the slick punk style of the Ramones.


Xylaroo – Track A Lackin’

Sister/Sister two piece Xylaroo have an unbelievable grasp on harmony that sounds just as good live as it does recorded. Their new track is like a Country & Western soundtrack with a modern take melody, and somewhere in between old and new in terms of lyrics.




Jamie T – Tinfoil Boy

After waiting so long for new music from Jamie T it feels like all our christmas’ have come at once since he came back, with a stellar third album and an electric Glastonbury set, there’s now a new album and tour planned for later this year. New track ‘Tinfoil Boy’ is a shambles of noise and genre thats more explosive than we’ve seen Jamie in a while, anything this man does is exciting and different to the last time around and this is no different.


Blink 182 – ‘California’ Album Review

Back to their roots but not as you know them, Bradley Shea takes a look at how the new look Blink 182 album sounds post DeLonge with the bands first release with Matt Akiba, ‘California’.

Author: Bradley Shea 

In 1999, Blink 182 were on top of the world thanks to several high-charting singles from their critically acclaimed third album Enema of the State. Three friends from San Diego had managed to bring pop punk to the mainstream for the first time since Green Day dropped Dookie in 1994, but with each release the band grew further apart as their conflicting music tastes made making music together a chore.

Fast forward to 2016 and following a disappointing comeback album in the form of 2011’s Neighbourhoods, Blink 182 are back to take over the airwaves. Founding member and co-vocalist Tom DeLonge has since left/been kicked out of the band after repeatedly failing to meet deadlines in favour of chasing aliens in the desert – no, really – and Matt Skiba of Alkaline Trio fame has stepped up to the mic in his place. It’s a creative decision that has done wonders for the band, their energy and enthusiasm fully on display across the 13 tracks that make up California. 


About 40 seconds in to opening track ‘Cynical,’ it’s clear that Blink are fully embracing their roots and delivering what fans have been hoping for in the build up to the albums release. Travis Barker’s frantic beats provide a solid backbone for the band to build upon, and the bouncy riffs that were more prominent in their earlier work are at the forefront once again. First single ‘Bored to Death’ shows the band at their most epic as it blends their untitled 2003 album and with the earlier work, while ‘Sober’ proves to be the stand out track on the record, complete with a series of ‘na na na’s that will bury themselves in to your brain for days.

The addition of Skiba on vocal duty with long term member Mark Hoppus adds another dimension to the band that they had previously been lacking. His delivery is much more effective than DeLonge’s even if it does lack the nasal tone he made his trademark, and his presence will no doubt make Blink sound much more professional when playing these tracks live. Songs such as ‘Home Is Such A Lonely Place’ and ‘Left Alone’ show just how much the band have grown with Skiba in their ranks and by the time the closing notes on 30 second closer ‘Brohemian Rhapsody’ ring out, you’ll find yourself completely forgetting that DeLonge was ever a part of the band.



There are weaker moments, however, in particular the predictable ‘Kings of the Weekend’ which is a fun pop punk tune but lacks substance, and the Alkaline Trio-influenced verse of ‘Los Angeles.’ Skiba’s was always likely to bring aspects of his other band along for the ride with Blink, but while the chorus in this song soars, the trio never quite nail the tone they’re aiming for in the verses. Nevertheless, California is the best that Blink have sounded in years and cements their place in the annuls of the genre.

It’s good to have you back boys!

Recommended Tracks: ‘Sober,’ ‘Cynical,’ ‘Left Alone’

5 Tracks You Need To Hear This Week (23/05/16)




The Neverists – Little Mystery

London based The Neverist have a sound that doesn’t age, sitting somewhere between Idlewild and R.E.M. they draw from elements that span through folk, rock, pop and everything in between. ‘Little Mystery’ brags a classic folky vocal tone intwine with melody and care that equates to a feel good, indie day dream.


Fifteen Years – Black City

Sometimes somethings just drop in your inbox that really packs a punch, this week Black City was just that. The track is driven by killer beats and a real feel of fire through out the song. It’s the latest demo from Bristol Hardcore/Punk band Fifteen Years, despite the punk feel this track carries, it’s a well crafted song with raw vocal that I can’t get enough of. They only formed this year, which makes it all the more exciting for a band with an awesome sound and a blank page.



Grieving – My Friend, The Ghost

Cambridge’s ‘Grieving’ release their third single, ‘My Friends, The Ghost’, a guitar heavy track that hijacks your ears with emotion and riffs in equal mesure.Melancholy hasn’t sounded so sweet since The Smiths, this perfectly layered work of indie rock.



Nail Polish – Stay Gone

Nail Polish hit us with two and a half minuets of garage rock heaven, the state site two piece’s latest track Stay Gone is laid out on surf vibe guitars and a driving beat taken over by the most awesome, lazy vocals.



Waste – Ricou

French London based electro pop band have been building things up for a while, working on their second album they’ve released new single Ricou. It’s electro indie at it’s finest that’s formed of hypnotic verses that dissolve into melody, a promising track that doesn’t disappoint.


5 New York Bands You Need To Hear In 2016 (SU Stateside)

New York is the worlds capital of cool for so many reasons, from the breath taking skyline to the stylish bars, high fashion to art,  but above all NY has churned out some of the greatest bands the world has ever heard; The Strokes, KISS, The Velevet Underground, Talking Heads, Blondie, Interpol, Vampire Weekend, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, LCD Sound System, Television, The Ramones I really could go on for ever. But whats new in The Big Apple, that’s what we really wanted to know. So we asked our good friends over at Paper Cup Music and the bands there each gave us an act that are killing it in New York right now. So here it is, 5 New York bands you need to hear in 2016, courtesy of Paper Cup Music;



logo - red text1024





Wavey rock trio BOYTOY talk us through New York punks METALLEG.


“Awesome power pop made up of 1/2 of Dirty Fences and one member of Nancy. Super poppy catchy punk songs with awesome Ramones-esque harmonies, Jay Reatard melodies and killer stage presence. Great as a 3 piece or a 2 piece. Keeping it real playing whatever, whenever and keeping the New York vibe alive.”






Surf Rock is Dead

Our favourite New York surf band Little Racer​ tell us why they’re excited about Surf Rock is Dead.
“There’s so much great music coming out of NYC right now – bands like Honduras, Public Access T.V, Sunflower Bean – but hands down we’re most excited about our pals Surf Rock is Dead. They’ve been building this buzz in the city over the past year and just dropped their first EP “SRiD”. Their only a three piece but make this enormous sound – killer guitar/bass interplay, plus those vocal harmonies are over the top. They’re our homies and we can’t wait to see what they do in 2016.”
The Mystery Lights
Queens gritty psych rockers Raccoon Fighter talk to us about The Mystery Lights garage sound.

High energy fueled garage rock at it’s finest,  inspired by hard hitting 60’s garage and late 70’s punk, blending bluesy psychedelic elements that is sure to melt your face. These NYC based California boys recently signed to Daptone Records rock imprint ‘WICK Records’ and you best bet, their next record will be fire!” 

Dead Stars
Heres what The Teen Age think of Calm Punk by the awesome Dead Stars
“Been listening to this one on repeat. The quiet/loud dynamic fits Jeff’s voice perfectly. We also shot a video for this song, featuring a very calm punk.”
Acid Dad
Head of Paper Cup Music Magnus on NY Psych Punks Acid Dad:
“This infectious Psych-rock quartet have a brash, energetic swagger, with the songs and melodies to back it up.”​

Horsebeach – II (Album Review)

Probably one of the most anticipated albums from a Manchester band in recent years, Horsebeach follow-up last years debut with ‘II’. Ryan Kennedys dream pop outing has been one of the most exciting sounds around of late, recycling 80’s vibes with timeless song writing.

Horsebeach 11896250_649976595139133_4300389675132262354_n

I was at most of the early Horsebeach shows; I booked some after meeting drummer Matt in a Manchester nightclub before anything really got off the ground. Even in those early demos he sent me, at those early shows there was something special about the sound Ryan was generating. Their debut ‘Horsebeach’ proved that beyond any doubt, the dreamy guitars and solid rhythms were an irresistible sound. ‘II’ is a more developed outing and prove Horsebeach is well on the way to where a band like this can be.

With an ambient intro that picks up into thick bassy guitars mellowed by a beautifully light riff it, ‘Intro’ track sets the perfect mood for the albums and lead track ‘It’s Alright’. The songs heavenly boy/girl vocals are to the tune of a song that is no doubt Kennedys best work melodically. ‘Andy’ is a powerful pop track draped in beautiful sounds from top to bottom, while earlier single ‘Disappear’ is work of magic weaving in and out with terrific guitar and vocals intertwining, for fantastic dream pop.

It’s fair to say there’s not a weak song on this album, but for me personally there’s a few that stray from the flow. Dana is a devastatingly beautiful song, but could stem a whole album of it’s own with much more keys and softer vocals that the rest of ‘II’. ‘Avoid The Light’ would easily have found it’s way onto the first album but to be honest it’s difficult to find too much fault this album.

Horsebeach has evolved in the past year since the self-titled debut that made people really sit up and listen; the sound is stronger and braver. It’s a gorgeous album that could go deeper in parts, but it’s full to the brim with great songs to while away hours dreaming and it’s easy to forget that it’s still early days, if we get a third album I can only see Horsebeach getting stronger.

Gold Jacks – Take It Back (Single Review)

Author: Jake McGloin

Manchester’s Gold Jacks unveil their effortlessly cool new single ‘Take It Back’, a master class in modern Rock & Roll.

Gold Jacks Promo-Photo-4

We live in a strange time for Rock & Roll, rappers seem to be the new rock stars (or at least that’s what they seem to think) and it’s difficult to find new rock acts that really excite, when you get down to it there’s an argument to be had that it’s all gotten a bit shit.

Manchester four piece Gold Jacks have somehow done the impossible, a sleek powerful outing that excites from beginning to end. There’s something inherently cool about this band and their latest single ‘Take It Back’ is a prime example of why we need an act like this.

Guitar tones, the feel like a Josh Homme jamming with Jack White, slide through a tight, cold rhythm section that set the whole tone for this seductive piece of Alt Rock. The chilled vocals of Stu Burns, that seems to bring to mind a Northerner in California, slick across a ground of dirty riffs and solid beats.

It’s a laid back track that seeps cool from all over and wouldn’t be out-of-place as a Bond theme, with Sam Smith and Ellie Goulding number one choice for Spectre surely 007 needs something a little more Rock & Roll? How ever you look at it there’s no doubt there are some acts out there still trying to breathe life into the U.K. Alt-Rock scene, and it’s clear Gold Jacks are one and with tracks like this they have half a chance.

‘Take It Back’ is released on Scruff of the Neck on August 7th

Intoducing: \\GT//

Hailing from Birmingham Alabama, \\GT// power a sonic haze of noise that paints a psychedelic picture of the American South.


Three piece Alabama band \\GT// are one of a whole host of great acts looking back and adopting garage a sound laden with late 80’s vibes that’s psychedelic roots go back even further. Heart driven bass forms a sold core of their sound, fuzzed up guitar that could be taken straight from GOO, and rock steady beats that all seem just perfectly placed to give it a raw sound that’s not quite grunge but something with a mind of it’s own that the world needs more of. Devastating vocal hooks consume the brain through out, and draw you in to this psychedelic bliss that echo’s No Age and Crocodiles with hints of Nirvana circa Bleach. ‘Something Wrong With My Mind’, due for it’s U.K release July 31st, is a power house of tune that carves through your ear drums armed with nothing more than killer riffs and brute force, proving that \\GT// Psych-Grunge force to be reckoned with. It’s a sound that takes me back to being in tiny dim-lit rooms, with dripping walls, hearing nothing but a band and seeing nothing but limbs hurdling towards me. It’s intense heart pounding rock and roll that ignites and thrills.

Less Win – Bayonet (Review)

 Copenhagen Post-Punk Trio ‘Less Win’ Unleash Their Eerie Video For ‘Bayonet’

 Less Win unnamed

Danish three-piece Less Win are masters of their craft, creating steel sounds that fire on all cylinders. The post-punk imports are building up to the release of their EP, Further, with a hard-hitting taster in the form of ‘Bayonet’.

Punk rock beats lay down the rails for the unstoppable sound of the furious guitar riffs and a stirring bass ready to flatten anything in their path, it’s a throw back early Joy Division incarnation Warsaw. Fast paced and furious, Bayonet stabs and strums it’s way through delivering a lesson in how post punk sounds and feels. Topped of with howling vocals to complete this dark, nostalgic but scarily exciting sound, this is just a taste of things to come when they drop their debut UK release on June 19th.

They’ve toured with their fellow countrymen Iceage and are now about to hit British shores as they play their debut show in London, renown for their frenetic live shows in the Danish underground scene their U.K debut is not to be missed.

Catch Less Win at:


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Little Racer – Montevideo (Single Review)

New York beach boys Little Racer release their video for Montevideo and it’s as slick as they are.

Little Racer unnamed

“Garage rockers without garages. Surf rockers that can’t swim.” It’s a recurring theme in music these days and not everyone pulls it off. New York New Wave band Little Racer have it down to a tee, their track Montevideo is drowning in surf vibes from beginning to end.

It’s a beautifully melodic tune littered with hooks and riffs that echo perfectly through your ears till they hit that part of your brain that makes you want to move your feet. Bouncy garage drums and a pulsing bass seamlessly layer throughout, coupled with Elliot Michaud’s smooth, reverbed vocals to top it off, out It’s surf pop at it’s finest.

U.K. bands inspire Little Racers back catalogue of catchy tunes and you can feel the New Order kicks and the Johnny Marr tones but also the recent wave of modern surf bleeds through, think Surfer Blood, Best Coast. It’s vintage meets contemporary pop showered in cool guitar.

It’s catchy, it’s cool and it’s kinda how you wish The Drums sounded. Little Racer have got the balance just right by taking a familiar sound and making it their own.

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