Tracks You Need To Hear This Week (19/09/16)

Hey there! How was your summer? We were away along time, we’re sorry. But lets make it up to you. For starters here are five awesome tracks for you to check out this week! We’re working on catching up on all the emails we missed over the past few months so we’ll get back to you soon. We’re also working on putting together a podcast and a record label so we haven’t just been sat around enjoying that one week of sun we got! So thanks for being patient, if you want to be involved in anything that we do, get your music on the blog, get involved in the pod cast or maybe do some writing for us, just get in touch at and you can keep up on Facebook and Twitter too!


Blaenavon – Let’s Pray

Somewhere between the Maccabees and the beach the latest single from Hampshires Blaenvon, ‘Lets Pray’ is packed with riffs somewhere in the realm of ‘BBC’, delicate vocals that only add to this feel good instant indie classics emotive feel.




Stabels – Be Together

Playing together since their days in school, Keston folk duo ‘Stables’ third single from their debut album ‘Be Together’ is a soul stealing mix of beautiful harmony and melody weaving it’s way though a perfect field of emotion and timbre.





Through the Sparks – Meteors in Gorges


‘Meteors in Gorges’ is the latest synth heavy single from Alabama band ‘Through the Sparks’, catchy and euphoric, with influence from the likes of Pulp, the hulk like drums and slick as grease vocals contribute to the pure cool feel of the track.





JORDAN ALLEN – ‘Dancing In The Dark’

Bolton band Jordan Allen’s latest track is gritty, explosive and definitely not a Bruce Springsteen cover. Striking guitars and subdue verses it’s that type of indie that’s just almost retro, but still takes hold of you while you reminisce about the likes of Pigeon Detectives in their heyday. But theres more to this track than that, it’s blearing noise and addictive riffs make it an indie rock anthem.


Mountain face – I Want You To Smile 

Chester folk trio’s Mountainface infuse a back bone of classic English folk fleshed out with an American blue grass feel. Their debut EP ‘Let’s Play’ sites influence from Punch Brothers, Joanna Newsom and Nick Drake, evident in it’s heavenly sound and captivating melody. ‘I Want You To Smile’ blends beautiful simplicity and perfect harmony through out.



5 Tracks You Need To Hear This Week (18/07/16)




CAESAR – Hazey

Manchester Indie band CAESAR unveil their debut single Hazey this week on cassette and digital download via Black Hand Records. The aptly named track is packed with lazy vibes that wash over a care free vocal as the rhythm section moves freely around the dreamy guitar all before the song breaks it’s self down to build it back up again. Captivating and disorientating, it’s a solid first track from an awesome band.

Berries – Siren

A simple but haunting hook, a far out beat and a cool vocal all add to the hypnotic feel that Siren emits. From all girl band Berries, this new single is an intelligent yet clean rock song that litters it’s self with surprises through out.



The Teen Age – Liquor Store

Taken from their new EP ‘Bad Seed’, The Teen Age hit us with the video for their track liquor store. This Brooklyn band have been a Shoplifters favourite for some time (in all honesty we love anything Paper Cup Music send us), standing at just under two minuets it’s like a Vaccines power track with all the slick punk style of the Ramones.


Xylaroo – Track A Lackin’

Sister/Sister two piece Xylaroo have an unbelievable grasp on harmony that sounds just as good live as it does recorded. Their new track is like a Country & Western soundtrack with a modern take melody, and somewhere in between old and new in terms of lyrics.




Jamie T – Tinfoil Boy

After waiting so long for new music from Jamie T it feels like all our christmas’ have come at once since he came back, with a stellar third album and an electric Glastonbury set, there’s now a new album and tour planned for later this year. New track ‘Tinfoil Boy’ is a shambles of noise and genre thats more explosive than we’ve seen Jamie in a while, anything this man does is exciting and different to the last time around and this is no different.


5 Indie Labels You Should Know About

Author: Tom Ford (@lifeastomford)

Not all current world beating artists start of with Major Label contracts, some start from the bottom on independent DIY labels and work their way up. With out DIY labels young acts wouldn’t be given the opportunity to grow and bloom. So we’re paying homage with 5 of the best UK DIY labels.

Clue Records 

Clue Records is a DIY Leeds based record label started by Scott Lewis in November 2012,
Clue records have clocked up 21 releases in the four years of being active.
Helping bands along the way such as; the notorious Allusondrugs, alt rockers Forever Cult & NARCS as well as Indie-poppers Trash.
Also specialising in Podcasts and Music promotions with a very solid philosophy of promoting & supporting music they love.
Find out more on their website & Bandcamp
Check Out Clue Records Release – NARCS – Pig:
Art Is Hard Records 
Bristol Based Art Is Hard Records have been bringing people the new generation of noise-pop-punk-lofi since 2010. Working with artists such as Diet Cig, Best Friends, The Black Tambourines, Joanna Gruesome, Gorgeous Bully, they’ve had around 45 releases in the 6   years of existance their most recent a 7” split between Gorgeous Bully & Something Anorak which is available to pre-order for release on May 27th. As well as a record label Art Is Hard like to throw the odd party primarily using their own roster but throw an annual show with other labels such as: Heavenly, Burger, Bella Union & Fortuna pop.
To find out more visit their tumblr.
Check out Gorgeous Bully’s Beaucoup:
Sister 9 Records 
Based in Lancashire, Sister 9 recordings is home to Teesside lo-fi power houses Mouses,
mainly dealing with spiky-lofi-post-punk-rock, Sister9 offer out live recording sessions to acts they like, previously including: Sweet Deals on Surgery, Cabbage & Deja Vega.
To find out more head over to their website.
Listen to Mouses – Poison:
Blak Hand Records 
Liverpool based Blak Hand Records is ran by Brit Jean and Dan Hewitson, they have only been around for a while but in that short time have managed to rack up the releases. Quirkily working mainly on cassette  have a strong an affiliation Sunny Manchester & Manchester Psych Fest. Working with artists such as: The Watchmakers, TVAM & Beach Skulls, releases coming from the latter two this year. Find out more on their Facebook and Soundcloud.
Check out Beach Skulls dreamy track ‘Slow Grind’ Below:
Beech Coma
London Based Beech Coma records have been pretty active over the last year with specialising in indie-noisy-pop. Started in 2013/2014 but Harry Bainbridge,Beech Coma have a very impressive release record working with artists such as; Tuff Love, Bruising & Magic Potion, with their newest release coming from indie pop rockers, Posture who’s new single ‘I just can’t wait to see my girl’ is available to buy now (listen below).
Find out more on Beech Coma via their website.

5 Tracks You Need To Hear This Week (30/05/16)




Richard Lomax – Choose Your Own Adventure

A step away from his sometimes acoustic folk stylings, Richard Lomax’s upcoming single Choose Your Own Adventure (June 24th, through Sotones Records) is dirtier, grittier outing with bigger guitars and more haunting beats but keeps hold of Richard’s irresistibly  unique vocal. His bard like style of guiding us through a song has always worked but some how fits perfectly with distorted riffs and almost tired, relaxed style of this latest single taken form upcoming second album “Postcards & Love-letters (From Somewhere You’ve Never Heard Of)”




DBFC – Autonomic

Hypnotic, enticing and simply cool are the only words to describe the latest single from Paris electronic group DBFC. A trance inducing beat, and slick pop melody fitted around a subtle wall of noise that wraps it self around you and won’t let go.


NO JOY – A Thorn in Garland’s Side

They’re Montreal Shoegaze band who’s bendy guitars and strategical use of dynamics in their latest single ‘A Thorn in Garland’s Side’ leaves your head bent, warped and wanting more. No Joy have been going around six years now and are currently playing shows in the Europe to so the rest of the world what they’ve been missing, catch them in the UK June 5th in guilford and 6th at Londons Moth Club, all building up to their Drool Sucker EP through Top Shelf on July 15th.




Gregory Alan Isakov – Liars

Some music stirs the soul in a way nothing else can, Gregory Alan Isakovs latest single does just that through his haunting vocal and gentle, exhausted guitar, in a song that layers it’s discreet, hidden melodies to perfection as it gradually evolves in to an epic show case of emotion through music in this cinematic barrage of beautiful noise.


The Record Summer – Prizefight

The first track in six years for The Record Summer, Prizefight is a laid out stopped back tune packed with relaxed summer vibes. Beautiful guitar and heavenly piano match the smooth vocal to create a stunning noise somewhere between The 1975 and Death Cab.


5 Tracks You Need To Hear This Week (23/05/16)




The Neverists – Little Mystery

London based The Neverist have a sound that doesn’t age, sitting somewhere between Idlewild and R.E.M. they draw from elements that span through folk, rock, pop and everything in between. ‘Little Mystery’ brags a classic folky vocal tone intwine with melody and care that equates to a feel good, indie day dream.


Fifteen Years – Black City

Sometimes somethings just drop in your inbox that really packs a punch, this week Black City was just that. The track is driven by killer beats and a real feel of fire through out the song. It’s the latest demo from Bristol Hardcore/Punk band Fifteen Years, despite the punk feel this track carries, it’s a well crafted song with raw vocal that I can’t get enough of. They only formed this year, which makes it all the more exciting for a band with an awesome sound and a blank page.



Grieving – My Friend, The Ghost

Cambridge’s ‘Grieving’ release their third single, ‘My Friends, The Ghost’, a guitar heavy track that hijacks your ears with emotion and riffs in equal mesure.Melancholy hasn’t sounded so sweet since The Smiths, this perfectly layered work of indie rock.



Nail Polish – Stay Gone

Nail Polish hit us with two and a half minuets of garage rock heaven, the state site two piece’s latest track Stay Gone is laid out on surf vibe guitars and a driving beat taken over by the most awesome, lazy vocals.



Waste – Ricou

French London based electro pop band have been building things up for a while, working on their second album they’ve released new single Ricou. It’s electro indie at it’s finest that’s formed of hypnotic verses that dissolve into melody, a promising track that doesn’t disappoint.


5 Tracks You Need To Hear This Week (14/03/16)




Indigo Quest – Light In The Dark

The one man indie music project Indigo Quest is the brain child of Italian musician Denis Rossi who’s just dropped his latest track “Light in the Dark”. Taken from the upcoming second album, the track moves Rossi’s sound a little further forward than what we’ve heard in the past by using a more electronic sound and an encapsulating key section it’s got a ‘Highflying Birds’ feel about the whole thing with underlying tones of ‘Favourite Worst Nightmare’, it’s an indie masterclass from a bright new comer.

The Britanys – Basket Holder

A sleek new effort from the New York band that has a resemblance of fellow NY rockers The Strokes, and it’s no wonder as the track is produced by the legendary Gordon Raphael (Is This It?). A heavenly vocal melody that could easily modelled on Lou Reeds circa T.V.U. and a ‘Strokes’ riff and beat combo with over an intelligent bass line it’s as classic as it is fresh.

The Survival Code – Catalyst

London trio ‘The Survival Code’ drop the fifth single from their debut album. Aggressive and delicate in different measures, Catalyst is filled with heavy rhythm and sharp guitars that aren’t afraid to tare you ears apart. Gritty vocals and monster beats match the killer riffs in importance on this powerhouse of a track.

Bugzy Malone- Late Night in the 0161

Manchester grime legend Bugzy Malone is back with a new freestyle called ‘late night in the 0161.’ This is classic Bugzy  storytelling as he spits a great narrative over a heavy beat. He even manages to quote everyone’s favourite Leicester City bad man,  Jamie Vardy. Hopefully this is a sign of more new material to come.


CUPIDS – Kickin’ In

The Mancunian four piece have had a pretty solid career since they formed last September supporting the likes of fellow Mancs Blossoms along with Ocean Colour Scene and Tibet add in the pretty packed festival season ahead CUPIDS aren’t doing too bad. Listening to their new track it’s easy to see why, ‘Kickin’ In’ is an intricate work that blends classic rock sounds and pop dynamics, melody heavy over tricky beats the sounds of bands like Phoenix that aren’t a million miles away. It’s early days for this band but if they keep producing belters like this there’ll be a lot more days ahead.


5 Two Piece Bands You Need To Hear

Two heads are better than one. Not always true but when it comes to making music there’s a fair few artists who have proved the rule. Take The White Stripes, Black Keys, No Age, Death from above 1979 who have established them selves as cornerstones of enormous sounds with just two of them, along with new comers Honey Blood, Royal Blood and Slaves  taking a strong hold on the scene. Two piece bands are as relevant as ever and making even more noise, so here are 5 duos you need to check out:


Vogue Dots – (Halifax – Canada)

The collaboration between producers Babette Hayward and Tynan Duffield, Vogue Dots, is an electronic, harmonic medley of noise that results in irresistible wavy pop. They head back to the U.K this year with plans to tour and will certainly be ones not to miss with a sound that projects the best of The xx and Warpaint mixed with glorious synth and soul targeting guitar riffs that helps them make the sound their own.




Mouses – (Billingham, UK)

Teeside two piece, Mouses, power out distorted lo-fi, infused with classic pop melody. The Garage Rock duo take a classic combo of fuzzed up guitar and crash heavy beats that add up to addictive, enticing tunes that sound like Yucks cooler younger brother that hangs out with Dinosaur Jr. With slick riffs cutting through the dirty noise, Mouses sound cooler each time around.


She-Devils – (Montreal, Canada)

Pop duo Audrey Ann & Kyle Jukka are making a splash after just releasing their self titled debut EP, their delicately simple brand of melodic pop is as hypnotic as it is refreshing. Incorporating vibes from doo-wop to indie to electro, it’s a blanket sound that’s simple but effective from a young act, with retro roots, with their whole career ahead of them.





LONG BODY – (Leeds, U.K.)

Hot of the press, LONG BODY are brand new. Their fuzz guitars and emo vocals are a dream combo. Mega hooks. Awesome Melody. It’s rare you get a start product so finished. They’re a girl/boy duo from Leeds describing themselves as “2 PIECE LO FI FUZZY SAD POP”. Perfect.



Fabric – (Derry, Ireland)

Northern Irish two part Fabric’s unique yet old school brand of post punk, takes things back to basics. With just bass and drums they manage to created an awesome noise with a result that sounds like the missing tracks from ‘Unknown Pleasures’. The unsigned duo’s slick yet powerful noise is packed with dirty bass, haunting sounds and 80’s post punk nostalgia.

5 Tracks You Need To Hear This Week (15/02/16)



Alina Bea- Live Undone

Nothing makes for better writing then a breakup and that’s what Californian singer Alina Bea has used to make her debut single ‘Live Undone’ from her EP of the same name. Bea previously fronted the L.A pop band Body Parts but is now striking out on her own. Think Joni Mitchell mixed with St. Vincent. Her delivery of the lyrics is empowering and the music is subtle and simple creating a great platform for Bea’s voice.



Old Monk- Shifting The Earth

Brooklyn based band Old Monk really have an interesting sound that is hard to compare to others. ‘Shifting The Earth’ shows that Old Monk make you think you’re getting one thing and then they slap something else in your face. Centred around a catchy surfer esq guitar riff that will be stuck in your head for days, the band quickly change in to a explosive punk sound to really get the message of the song across and then back to the riff. Intriguing and contagious.



Young Gun Silver Fox – In My Pocket

Hailing from London, Young Gun Silver Fox have a sound more reminiscent of the 1970’s Los Angeles funk scene. ‘In My Pocket’, from new album ‘West End Coast’ is pure funky pop harkening back to the early days of Prince and Nile Rodgers. Their infectious hook and groovy bass line will have you dancing the night away.



Merricks Tusk- 25

Merrick’s Tusk, named after the Elephant man John Merrick, are a Nottingham based four piece emo rock band who take their influences from the likes of Jimmy Eat World and American Football. Expect heavy drums, distorted guitars and lyrics which tell a story most people 25 and under will know all to well, trying to find yourself and being frustrated by the world around you.


MU- Debauchery

MU, a duo from Vancouver, recently released their second EP named ‘II’ and with that have released a music video for their single ‘Debauchery.’ It’s a dreamy, electronic ode to youthful days gone by. Comparisons have been drawn between MU and the likes of Tegan and Sara and Lorde and they are more than warrented. The song is almost hypnotic and leave you in a daze you wont want to wake up from.


Author: Thomas Durkan.

Richard Lomax 5 – Albums That Shaped Me

With his new single ‘I Cycle’ due out on Feb 19th, Singer Songwriter Richard Lomax talks us through five of the albums that got him to where he is today and shaped his sound.

1. Forever Changes – Love
To me the absolute holy grail. This has been in the back of the mind of every album I record since I first started writing.
I used have Wednesdays off college and I’d work at my mum and dad’s shop in Essex. Do 8 hours and walk out with £40, straight in Golden Disc record shop across the road. Albums were a fiver in there so I’d walk out of there with 8 albums and no money.
I remember the day I bought Forever Changes. I’d also got Bryter Layter (Nick Drake) and Astral Weeks (Van Morrison). That was a good day. I remember reading the stories about how Arthur Lee had had a premonition he would die the following Summer so he wrote this album. The chord structures in this are just ridiculous! They go EVERYWHERE. My band often describe my songs as ‘chord salads’ and this is definitely where I get it from. There aren’t many 4 chord tricks on this. Those weird little nuances still get me… that bit in ‘The Good Humor Man He Sees Everything Like This’ that sounds like a record skipping, the long string drop in ‘You Set The Scene’ of the B to the F#, and of course that line in ‘Live and Let Live’:
“Well the snot has caked against my pants…”
2. The Love Below – Outkast
This is the album where Andre 3000 really nailed everything to the wall. It’s a huge technicolour sound that wanders everywhere whilst still taking time smash out the pop hits.

The album is obviously best known for spawning ‘Hey Ya’ now and a million bad pub cover versions have diminished its greatness a little but there is way more to the album than that… ‘Happy Valentine’s Day’ and ‘Roses’, the swirling strings on ‘Intro’. The piano on ‘Love Hater’, ‘Dracula’s Wedding’, ‘Spread’, pure filth but what great sounding filth. The skits don’t necessarily stand up to the test of time but the music really does.

3. Hunky Dory – Bowie
I recently found out that one of my favourite tracks on this album ‘Fill Your Heart’ was written by Paul Williams (with Biff Rose). Williams also wrote the soundtrack to the musical about children in a brothel ‘Bugsy Malone’. Pop fact of the day.
It’s hard to pick a favourite Bowie album. Him and The Beatles occupy every corner of popular culture with their work and produced so many great albums that I would just stick their entire back catalogues in as two entries of this list if I could (*gasp* You bounder! You cheat!). Hunky Dory is the one I keep coming back to though. There’s a real downbeat nature to this. I like the lo-fi nature of it with its song title announcements and earthy acoustic guitars (Andy Warhol, Quicksand), before the glam of Ziggy took hold. It’s got ‘Life On Mars?’ on it too. Come on.
4. Debut – Bjork
It was while reading a biography of hers that I started listening to Bjork’s music. This album blew me away from the first second of ‘Human Behaviour’ – those downtuned toms (timpani maybe?) coupled to that shuffle create this instant groove and then those synth interruptions are out of nowhere! Again with this the melodies on this album just seem to go anywhere they like.  ‘Venus As A Boy’ is so floaty and unexpected – it’s a real delight. I love that on ‘There’s More to Life Than This’ it sounds like she leaves the session halfway through the song and just goes and sits in the toilets for a bit. Twice.
5. 69 Love Songs – The Magnetic Fields
What do you say when someone writes an album called ’69 Love Songs’ and it is 69 songs about love? Across a variety of genres from showtunes to punk to disco to spoken word to jazzzzzzzzz. The scope and ambition of this album is incredible but its strength is in the little moments. Merritt never lets the epic nature of the whole structure undermine any of the 69 smaller ‘bricks’ that go to build it. The lyrics on this album are some of the finest, bitterest, most pithy, heartbreaking words committed to tape.
“The moon to whom the poets croon has given up and died/astronomy will have to be revised”
“The book of love has music in it/In fact that’s where music comes from”
“Or I could make a career of being blue
I could dress in black and read Camus
Smoke clove cigarettes and drink vermouth
Like I was seventeen
That would be a scream
But I don’t want to get over you”
“It’s making me blue/Pantone 292”
Special mentions to Dolittle (Pixies), Elephant (The White Stripes), Soft Bulletin (Flaming Lips), Stories From The City… (PJ Harvey), Deserters Songs (Mercury Rev), Guerrilla (Super Furry Animals), Terror Twilight (Pavement), A Different Class (Pulp), 13 (Blur) and every Beatles album. The album is by far and away my preferred artform and you’re an evil, naughty blog for making me choose between so many of my favourite things.

5 Tracks You Need To Hear This Week (17/01/16)

Happy New Year! It’s 2016 and we’re excited. We’ve got so much going on this year, starting with our first birthday party on the 29th of January at Fallow Cafe Manchester with the awesome Gorgeous Bully and CAESAR with a DJ set from the brilliant Horsebeach, grab the last few tickets here. But in the mean time here are five awesome tracks that you need to listen to this week and as always you can send your tracks to or get in touch on the Facebook and Twitter.

Medics – Atrophy

Manchester noise-rockers Medics dropped ‘Atrophy’, foalty but driven guitars and thrashed out beats ride out a dynamic that weaves in this poptastic glimpse of Medics. An incredibly promising track from a band with a massive year ahead of them.




Tall Poppies – Cat Got Your Tongue?

it can’t be easy working with your sibling but twin fronted band Tall Poppies make it look seamless and sound good in the process. Perfect female harmony wrapping itself around smooth strings and an indie pop beat, ‘Cat Got Your Tongue?’ feels like a melting pot of style and substance.



Indigo Quest – White Flag

Italian songwriter Denis Rossi is the mastermind behind ‘Indigo Quest’, it’s a home recorded project all put together by Denis himself equating in magical Indie Psyc-rock. Latest single, ‘White Flag’ is a chilled indie banger with hints of late Oasis.

Richard Lomax – I Cycle 

Inspired by suffragette Edith Rigby, the first lady to ride a bicycle in the English city of Preston, Richard Lomax’s latest single (due February 19th) is a beautifully inspiring folk pop tune layered over the clicking of a bicycle wheel. Catch Richard in a city near you this February:

( Sat 6th Feb – Nambucca, LONDON. Sat 8th Feb – Liverpool Acoustic, LIVERPOOL. Fri 12th Feb – Hyde Park Book Club, LEEDS. Thur 18th Feb – The Castle MANCHESTER. Tue 23rd Feb – The Fox, SHIPLEY. Fri 26th Feb – The Washington, SHEFFIELD)



Yuck – Hearts in Motion

As Yuck get ready to release their third album we’re treated to a taste of ‘Stranger Things’ in, what can only be described as, a classically Yuck track. Somewhere in-between their self titled debut and 2013’s Glow & Behold, ‘Hearts in Motion’ takes slacked vocals and riffed up guitars and tare it up.