5 Tracks You Need To Hear This Week (18/04/16)

We haven’t been writing lately, and we’re sorry. Life aye!? But we’re back with bigger ideas and the same passion and high quality music as ever. So to make it up to you here are five awesome tracks you need to hear this week! And send us your tracks to Shopliftersuni@gmail.com and don’t forget to like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter!




False Advertising- You’re Too Slow

Our favourite home town grunge heroes are back again with their new EP ‘Brainless’. Their latest single ‘You’re Too Slow’ is everything you’ve come to expect from False Advertising, big fuzzy riffs, killer beats and nothing but noise in between. The vocals bring out a the bands melodic side amongst a meddle of stunning guitar. Stellar as ever from F.A.

(Jake McGloin)




Bad Breeding- Remembering


With a barage of noise, Stevenage band ‘Bad Breeding’ bring us their latest song ‘Remembering.’ It’s pounding drums, excessive feedback and the singer shouting about the corruption and manipulation of politicians and institutional bodies, which could not come out at a more relevant time, give us a punk song today’s generation and a middle finger to the powers that be.

(Tom Durkan)


Andy Shauf- The Worst in You


If you like tales of loves struggles sang in a whispy voice over acoustic guitars and light percussion, then Andy Shauf will be right up your alley. Think of a modern day folky Burt Bacharach. It’s easy listening chamber pop that will help you while away a summers day in the garden with a good book.

(Tom Durkan)


James Holt- The Mirror


Mancunian musician James Holt exhibits a brand of classic pop rock with a bluesy undertone in new song ‘The Mirror.’ Holt, who produced the song himself, shows a real knack for composition with an arrangement which perfectly blends electric guitar, keyboard, horns and even an organ to create a sound even the finest producers would be envious of. This is real talent and a guy to look out for in the near future.

(Tom Durkan)



Nick Brewer- Nobody

Following on from his 2015 top 20 single ‘Talk To Me’, Nick Brewer is back with his new song ‘Nobody’. Brewer tells a story of not being taken seriously by other MCs along side thoughts on religion and being patient. He has a flow reminiscent of Wretch 32, who’s ‘Fire in the Booth’ is sampled in the song.

(Tom Durkan)


5 Urban Acts Set To Takeover 2016


Author: Thomas Durkan

What a year 2015 was for hip-hop music. Kanye West took over Glastonbury with one of the most polarizing headline sets to ever take place, Kendrick Lamar’s ‘To Pimp A Butterfly’ smashed Spotify records and became arguably the best album of the year and ‘Hotline Bling’ was just about everywhere. However, one of the greatest things to come out of 2015 was the reinvigoration of the UK grime scene. With artists such as Skepta and Stormzy bringing the genre back into the mainstream, and even getting recognition on the other side of the pond, it is the most exciting time to apart of grime music since Dizzee Rascal dropped ‘Boy in Da Corner.’ Let’s take a look at which new artists have the potential to continue this trend in 2016.



It’s very rare to find an artist with as much charisma as Arizona based rapper Futuristic. He’s both likeable and funny, but most importantly he does this whilst being a very technically gifted MC. His extensive use of social media proves that he can rap over any beat and he’s got to where he’s at today from his own hard work and determination. Rumour has it he’s recently been signed by independent label Funk Volume and 2016 looks to be the year Futuristic will make it big.  

Vic Mensa

Signed by Jay-Z’s label Roc Nation, produced by Skrillex and a frequent collaborator with Kanye West, Vic Mensa has some very powerful friends. And with people like that in his corner surely stardom is inevitable. The Chicago native, formerly a member of the group Kids These Days, is known for his ability to manipulate words and comparisons can easily be drawn to Yeezey. Look out for his upcoming debut album ‘Traffic’ which should be released at some point this year.



Lady Leshurr

Lady Leshurr, born in Solihull in the West Midlands, has been around for a few years now. Known for her freestlye ‘Queens Speech’ series, she blew up in 2015 with numbers 4 and 5 going viral and earning critical acclaim. She will be bringing her brash and witty rhymes to a venue near you on her national tour in March and has just announced her first New York show. This is one lady you do not want to cross and it will be exciting to see what’s to come from her this year.   

Section Boyz

South London group Section Boyz are riding the current wave of grime music straight in to the mainstream. Having recently won best newcomer at the MOBO awards and being placed on the BBC Sound of 2016 long list, their use of both gritty aggressive lyrics and catchy hooks has also won endorsements from the likes of Drake. The are currently on a sold out tour of the UK. What makes all of this even more impressive is the fact they aren’t signed to a label and have done this all independently.



Hailing from Stretford near Manchester, Prose are a 3 piece acoustic hip-hop/garage rock band that are taking the area by storm and have recently won the CityLife breakthrough artist award. Rapper Michael Murray’s words tell a story of hard times and bad mistakes but with the way things are currently going for the lads it appears that will all be in the past. Prose have gigs coming up in Manchester and Leeds in March, grab tickets whilst you still can.

#TBT -Kanye West – My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy

 It’s Thursday, which means we’re looking back at a classic album and what make’s it so good. This week we look at arguably Yeezys greatest work. Thomas Durkan talks us through Kanye’s return to form and reputation. 



Author: Thomas Durkan (@tomdurks)

The year is 2010 and Kanye West is public enemy number 1 in the music world. Having interrupted Taylor Swifts winning moment at the 2009 MTV Video Music Awards with the now infamous line ‘Yo Imma let you finish but…’ Mr. West plunged himself in to a whirlwind of media hate. Even President Obama took time out of his busy schedule to call him a ‘jackass.’ Despite the fact that his first four albums were critical and commercial successes, things were not looking good for Kanye after his latest controversy. In light of this Kanye took a self-imposed hiatus from music and went to Hawaii to pursue his desire in fashion. However what was to come would be more spectacular then any shirt or trousers he could stitch together.

My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy dropped on November 22 and with that Kanye once again proved himself right when he’s said ‘Make music so good people can’t hate on it.’ The album opens with Nicki Minaj setting the scene for the whole album with a retelling of a Roald Dahl poem, indicating the ongoing themes of decadence and self-indulgence.




Minaj is the first in a long list of star studded collaborators on the album, which also features the likes of Jay-Z, Rick Ross, Rihanna, Elton John, Fergie and Bon Iver to name a few. Not are not that many artists in the world that could bring together such a plethora of people to help out on an album. But that’s the kind of response that West elicits. He’s an artists artist, people will do anything to work with him and he gets the best out of them.

There is something for everyone in this album. Kanye manages to bring together the best elements from each of his first 4 albums together in parts for a magnificent sound. Whether its the soul of his debut ‘The College Dropout,’ the orchestral side of ‘Late Registration,’ The Arena filling ‘Graduation,’ or the deeper, more emotional ‘808s and Heartbreaks,’ you’ll find it somewhere in MBDTF. This all merges together to give West his most complete and powerful sound. Some would argue it is his masterpiece.



The album spawned four singles; ‘Power,’ ‘Runaway,’ ‘Monster,’ and ‘All of the Lights,’ with the former winning two Grammy awards for Best Rap Song and Best Rap/Sung Collaboration at the 54th Grammy Awards. However, even though the single faired well at the awards show, it was the Grammy’s perceived snub of the album that was highlighted at the event. Critics around the world had praised MBDTF and reportedly it was the best reviewed album in years, finishing top of the pile on many publications best albums of 2010 lists. Yet the Grammys failed to nominate it for Album of the Year. Some people, including Yeezy himself, have put this down to Kanye’s joint effort with Jay-Z on Watch the Throne being released in the same year. But it also showed that there are still underlying negative perceptions and maybe a lack of understanding in the music world when it comes to hip hop.

My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy was exactly what Kanye West needed in 2010 a return to form and a revitalised reputation. And it was also exactly what music fans needed, a game changing phenomenon and a reminder that Kanye is probably the artists for which our generation will be remember, and for all the right reasons.




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5 Urban Artists To Watch In 2015

Author: Thomas Durkan

2014 has been and gone and with that there are plenty of new faces to get excited about in the urban music world. Whilst last year belonged to the likes of Iggy Azalea, Nicki Minaj and a certain Mr. Pharrell Williams, 2015 promises a lot to get excited about. In no particular order, here are the 5 potential show stealers for this year……..


Bipolar Sunshine (Manchester, United Kingdom):

Adio Marchant, better know by his pseudonym Bipolar Sunshine, has already been making a name for himself for the past couple of years. Previously known for his work with Manchester band Kid British, Marchant has departed from the previous indie-ska style of his former band and now with his hodge-podge soul/hip-hop/indie/pop style expect his star to keep rising and more big things for Bipolar Sunshine.

Listen to Deckchairs On The Moon

Raury (Atlanta, Georgia, USA):

There seems to be nothing this kid can’t do. Atlanta based singer-songwriter, rapper, producer Raury really is a unique talent. Having been compared to the likes of Andre 3000, there are definitely big shoes to be filled. But if anyone can do it, it’s definetly Raury. Having started writing songs at the tender age of 3, the 18 year old already has a good amount of experience in the field. He’s already supported Outkast and appeared on the latest Hunger Games soundtrack and in 2015 it appears the sky is the limit for this young man.

Listen to Cigarette Song

Riff Raff (Houston, Texas, USA):

Riff Raff might not be everyone’s cup of tea but that is not going to stop the Texas native from conquering dance floors all over the world. Mr. Raff has been known in the US for a few years now but has yet to make his way across the pond. Produced by Diplo, Riff Raff is the embodiment of excess. He has no problem rubbing his wealth in your face and sooner or later he will be doing that with his success.


George the Poet (London, United Kingdom):

London based spoken word artist George the Poet is earning critical acclaim from the likes of MTV, the BRIT Awards and recently placed 5th on the BBC Sound of 2015 poll. George’s music is a running social commentary on what is happening in modern day Britain, reminiscent of the days of Billy Bragg. He has even gone on to state that he is not a rapper or a hip-hop artist and he would rather be called a poet. Expect this man to continue to showcase his talent throughout the next year.

Listen to 1,2,1,2

Joey Bada$$ (Brooklyn, New York, USA):

Now there shouldn’t be many people left who have not heard of Joey Bada$$ by now. The serial mixtaper has been releasing music since 2012 and has gained all the acclaim that he has deserved. But 2015 is set to be the year that Bada$$ ruled. With his debut album set to drop later this month, you can be expecting to see and hear a lot more of the Brooklyn based artist in 2015.

Listen to No.99